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its been a month since the last shark flick dropped /// so its about time for some new shit. this one is SO SICK. the slam in the intro is fucking brutal. he is killing it, he's obviously been on the bike through the winter and stacked an edit full of hammers. phillip really sets the bar high for consistently stacked edits, back to back to back. sams edit skills stepped up too // good tunes in the mix. sick flick altogether.
all freshed out with those new DESTROY bars and VILLAINS shirt. phillip is one to watch in fixed bikes. i see big shit on the horizon.

rooTTs // destroy bikes

in case you didnt know /// DESTROY has a bmx squad. looks like they got down to san diego and killed some epic ditch spots. shits always sick and theres some good clips in here. heres what they had to say; "A few of the Destroy riders went down to Southern California over a long weekend to ride some new spots as well as to visit some friends. All of us traveled around from spot to spot riding and stacking clips. We met a lot of awesome people and definitely rode a lot of amazing spots, San Diego has some of the best skateparks we've ever ridden. So this is just a taste of our time spent in SoCal."

quick clip /// sol's slide

you gotta respect sol for constantly going hard as fuck. he can take a solid slam and keep at shit. real psyched on watching flicks from him lately.


i just caught this one on LOCKEDCOG /// dont know how i missed it, and yeee, i read lockedcog. i been a fan of his since before i started this shit. looks like trvthless is back at it full speed these days. sick to see some new shit from him, and it looks like they got a pretty good squad to ride with these days.


joe is a fucking boss. i think he has one of the deepest bags of tricks in the game. every edit he's been a part of lately has been full of hammers /// seems like he films non stop, and you can probably use b-side shit for a solid edit. pure fire for HEAVYPEDAL.

quick clips

first try flyout truck. some fixed and skate camera test footage.


that shot at 1:20 is so sick. this edit has some killer production and some sick riding.

epic skatepark

tommy, johnny, and james got the park to themselves for this one. tons of sick clips. and im fucking pumped on that TT sticker intro. fucking so sick. must see TTv.


according to vimeo this shits been up for 8 months. i dont know how i missed it. such sick riding, killer style, killer use of spots. dont miss this one. fucking blowing it for overlooking this.

skate shiTT


suicycle // leftover sommer footage 2011

the ender is epic. i dont know how it is just ran across this shit, but theres some good clips in it. always digging some off road fixed bike.


caught this one from leo furmansky on fb /// ride fast

quick clip // malta 360

quick fly out three /// dig the lighting.

n00bs // two flicks

lots of new names to fixed shit these days. psyched to see these new edits all the time. is that a fixed dj build at the end? looks like one of those killin it frames made its way over here.

winter shred

start your day off in the woods // some mellow "no-boarding". snowboards without bindings if you never seen the shit.