nick agnew and jonah kessel // day edit

some mellow mini shred from venice beach. never realized nicks skill til this flick. young gun jonah kessel stays killing it.


kevin kiraly is the fucking man! This is one of the sickest edits. he does so many opo tricks you might have to watch it a few times to notice. he does it so clean you cant tell.


tour de france footage for the "racers/roadies/fixie riders" out there /// ran across this on vimeo and had to post it up. why the fuck not.

the hisTTory channel // quick clip

the ground shook when this shit dropped. hahaha. ran across it just now and couldnt resist two hisTTory channels in a row.

the hisTTory channel /// charge bikes fixed 3

this one goes waaay back. i cant believe its fucking 3 years old. tom, tony, and ted have been killing it since day one. this is classic early fixed freestyle at its finest. one of the first times we saw some real wide bars on a freestyle bike, early off road fixed shit, epic filming and editing. i sometimes forget how old shit like this is, and how some of you probably havent seen it.

quick clip /// jordan smith

jordan smith putting down a quick clip. i dig this line.


 i bet if they made these splined /// a shitload of you "high rollers" would be pushing one of these on your whip. haha.


if some brutal looking cross bars are your junt /// these fuckers are so sick. no word on availability or where to buy, but i seen em built up and they look fucking killer.

skate shiTT

tony k keeps the entertainment coming non stop. this time some skate shit // real solid skating at cherry park. so sick to see some killer local skate shred.


nothing new here /// but this shit definitely catches and sticks.


phillip is a fucking beast on a bike /// looks like he got connected with SPIKE. sick shot for sure, cant wait to see some new footage from this guy. he's a fucking grizzly bear///manhandles his fucking bike like a toy. in case you forgot, here's some pretty recent riding from phil. drop some new shit man. 

n00bs /// 4 flicks

this ones some n00b shit from china. as far as i can remember, there hasnt been much to come out of china, so its sick to get a look into fgfs over there.

more from the other side of the world. fixeddrunk keeps em coming.

slyfix has kept a stream of flicks up lately. more from jakarta/// someones got back wheelies dialed.

some commuter style fgfs shred from brooklyn. good to see some new east coast names showing up.