seattle has been holding it down with flicks lately. sick to see lots of new shit from these guys. ZLOG posse has been doing this since the keospin days haha, these flicks always entertain, stacks of good footage// TJ chainless footage is killer.


this one steps off TTopic, but its fucking worth it. im normally not a fan of "fixie" flicks, even more so, i think helmet cam footage is typically boring to watch//// BUT THIS SHIT IS INSANE. not only is this like the best helmet cam clip i've seen in a LOOOOOONG time, but also a powerful argument for wearing a fucking helmet if ur gunna ride with dumb ass drivers around. MASHAFIX.COM killing the coverage with shit like this.

ninjas in paris

NINJA CATS been keeping us entertained lately with non stop flicks. this one wont disappoint // sol and oscar kill it, and go huge as usual. epic slams, epic spots, creative insanity, some guest appearances, the whole nine fuckin yards, these guys go hard every time. always epic madness from these guys. if you dont have a shirt yet, support the real deal, click over and pick one up.


So this weekend WOLFDRAWN pissy and I went thrifting and while we were out I found this canon camera it was only $1.99 because I changed the sticker price. Well anyway im going to start posting 35mm film photos. These are my first photo set I got back. hope you like them!

 This is BDUB modeling for her tumblr.
Matt jumping into this bank.
 Doing one of the scariest bump jumps i"ve seen. caught this one a lil to late.
 Riding on this skinny ass ledge and rode off into the caziest tuck i"ve ever seen.

n00bs /// ken nguyen // sponsor me

ken posted this up on fb /// ken hasnt dropped too many flicks as far as i know, but this ones solid. looks like he's trying to get connected with some sponsors, he definitely has potential to kill, bike handling skills, and a bag of tricks, ill be interested to see where he goes. good luck ken, keep riding, keep the flicks coming /// judging by your riding, you'll get yours eventually if you stick with it.

a man came to sf

...all the way from japan. saytaro devour of FISH&CHIPS made it all the way out to SF to ride last week. here's a look at some shit they got into. SF is one of those places where once you go, you gotta go back, not to mention its a OG skate spot mecca.

gabe and packy /// bank one spotter

gabe and packy kill it. watch the fuck out for these two. some sick clips, killer spot to chill out and get down with some mini shred. packy's 3 and gabes 180 slider down the bank are my favorite clips. stay tuned after black for the "controversial" footage /// these fuckers are sadistic.


some cold cave for a change of pace.


this shit is soooo fucking sick. finn rides fast, hits spots most wouldnt, has a super fucking creative take on riding, and dedication even in fucked up cold weather. this edit is pure fire. no massive handrails, no super tech, just fucking sick 700c annihilation. stair rides, snow shred, spots like a motherfucker. dont miss this shit /// MUST SEE TTv.

WT 2011 extras

i think we already posted this shit once, but it made its way over to youtube and the shits worth a re-watch. i might be all fuckin mondayed and looking at something brand new. fucking hard to get your head on straight monday morning.

man down /// christian hamrick

looks like hamrick took a heavy slam. according to the fb post "three broken face bones". you already know this guy goes hard as fuck/// but you never expect some shit like this. fucking heavy shit. out of respect, there will be no slam post today, click through to HIS FACEBOOK and wish him well. heal up man.


murderb dumped out a shitload of steven hamilton flicks on fb /// couldnt resist re-posting.

skate shiTT

grass roots skate shit///all the goods mixed up with some killer creative minishred.

big wheel bmx

plonka is definitely one of my favorites to watch on a big bike. theres some 20" in the mix too.

quick clip // michael chacon

looks like chacon draws quite a scene when he's grabbing a clip haha. sick tho.

n00bs /// three flicks

180 quick clip.

some long beach n00b shit /// the longer you stand on top of some shit, the harder it is to get yourself to do it.

this ones FOR the n00bs /// if ur just starting out, get ur hops dialed the right way. its too easy to jump straight up when ur strapped to the bike (dont fuck with that shit tho).



mondays suck

Compton Chronicles

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Alot of people think that THINK was only rad in the 90's and no one cares anymore. Not me anyways. Think has been killing it lately with a pretty unstoppable team of underrated heavy hitters and I am way more than excited to see this video of SF being wrecked in such proper form...Josh Matthews and Lee Yankou will kill it guaranteed!