max pulice // throwaway

max came through with thowaway v2 // killer collection of clips for sure.

skate shiTT

this is too fucking sick /// looks like ANTI HERO picked up some real "pro's" for their new shit hahahaha. these decks are so epic insanity. i want one of each. click through and check that shit out.

cant resist /// TYLER JOHNSON

i know this one was already up at CSK /// but i "cant resist" some TJ footage. the fucking fence bounce is SO SICK. if you didnt catch it over there, this is some must see TTv.

pissedead /// joint

damn // that PISSEDEAD apartment looks sick as fuck/// and massive. so sick, im moving. theres some shred clips towards the end. cant wait to see whats next for these fuckers. always good shit. click through and check out their blog, looks like its up and running strong now.

big wheel bmx

sick /// a couple names you might know if you follow big bikes, and a couple spots you might recognize if you follow fixed.

n00bs /// saturday session

some good shit in here. that line at 0:19 was pretty killer. watch out for this squad /// they roll pretty deep and theres some killer bike handling in the group.

jonah kessel /// tuckno roof gap

jonah posted this up on my fb wall /// too sick not to post here. this kid kills shit. looks like he snagged it from MIKEONABIKE, theres some sick shots over there///click through. e