CSK and ZLOG feat. killa kareem. this shits sick. raw footage style no music, some real epic spots in the mix. a couple epic tj slams in there too. you already know this squad kills it, must see TTv.

SHMOB saTTurdays: Johnny got TTaTTed

The TT army is growing.

n00bs // will torres (dah)

some pretty good clips in here. watch out for this kid, he's got smoothe natural style and a solid barspin on him/// sick to see some young guns keeping it 700.

skate shiTT

some skate shit from the dark side.

big wheel bmx

dsb.lo with some fuck around style riding. some good shit in it tho.

winter shred

this park is probably the sickest shit out there. if you in PA get over there and check it. this is one of the first flicks ive seen filmed here, so much sick shit to ride.
head over to FORUM MEGA CORP blog for the rundown.


a step outside the typical hesh bmx i post for one thats been making the rounds. lots of epic shit in here.


wake up easy with some nefarious quiet time. haha. they shouldve used a real skull.

n00bs // quick clip

new names coming in every day now.