snagged this one from BONEDETH // if you know whats good, you already know whats good with these frames. sounds like these frames are coming to a store near you. palm tree ride at 0:33 is so sick /// but thats just the tip. so much good shit in a bonedeth flick.


take a lunch break with THIETH and space out

skate shiTT // TRONG YOUR MIND

more from local skate squad TRONGYOURMIND /// these guys keep shit interesting and keep flicks coming. they been at this for a long time, its sick to see a dedicated local skate "crew" holding it down. some sick spots in the mix// 0:24 is fire.


im a fan of SHRED /// these guys are a small posse, but come through with killer flicks every time. laurent has a smoothe natural style and he keeps his speed up, which isnt as common as it should be. this is a solid first offering from him. tire tap 3 ender was siiiick.

bulltrain /// 0tak

some new shit from BULLTRAIN and 0tak /// looks like they got some killer spots over there.

MoN /// trancendental meditative

ramon is fucking killing the web flick game /// non stop footage from this guy. this ones sick, cant resist the title, and themed edits are always epic. check the effects/b&w. too sick.

meaney /// grip bike shop

meaney has those 180 bars dialed. some good flatground shit in the mix too.

bike check

rolo posted up this bike check. reppin some ninja cats, so sick//digging those chromed out pedals.

n00bs // 3 flicks

shinshin coming in with some pretty solid riding.

sesh clip #6 from michael guntetong. some pretty solid shit in here.

more from slyfix. these guys keep em coming.