iphone klips 2

i hope tony keeps these iphone klips coming // killer variety with these, and you gotta dig the quick 30 second flicks. bmx and fixed bikes living in "harmony" haha. fuck all that shit, theres some sick clips in here. psyched on the back to back footplants, tony's is dialed.

making a come back

musgrave is another flick powerhouse these days // getting shit done. this one brings back daichi lee after over a year of not riding. killer footage for someone who hasnt been riding/sick to see he still got it. stay with it man.

quick clip // antonyo killz

cole just upped this one. its pure fucking fire insanity. single spot // multi clip // quick clip madness. SO FUCKING SICK. FUCKING KILLING IT.

quick clip // francis roque

lol at the caption on this one "Tuck No off stage. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT REYES! I love you...." haha sick clip too.

quick clip /// fixie god 17er

dunnuck is a beast // he posted this shit up on fb and i had to get it on the blog. so fucking sick. that ledge is huge/// fixie god is on some next level shit.


insane // caught by way of musgrave on vimeo. lots of local spots, super tech, the first tricks set the tone for the rest of the flick ///// hammers all the way though.

the hisTTory channel // steven jensen

here's one that flew way under the radar. this shit dropped just before that "FEBRUARY SWEETNESS" edit, and we shoulda seen the shit coming. he obviously kills it on any bike, and its clear even back here on a shitty "track" bike///its probably a junker conversion even. but that hop bar at the end is some fucked up shit on one of those. jensen came with tiny tires, track stands, all the typical tarck shit, and followed it up with nothing but hammers. respect a boss, jensen kills it, even back here.


"butchi" posted this shit up on TRICK TRACK /// pretty clean build. these G.O.A.T.'s build up sick every time. sick to see these brand new builds put together with a full fixed parts kit//solid shit, money well spent, fucking feels like christmas just to look at some brand new shit like this. here's the rundown;
Frame: 2012 Medium GOAT
Fork: Sadio Booster 420
Headset: Sadio Integrated
Stem: Profile Push Topload 53mm reach
Bars: Chrome Volume Tricksters
Grips: Animal Edwin Flangeless
Bar Ends: Shadow Conspiracy Alloy
Saddle: Sadio Fatboy
Seatpost: Sadio Pivotal
Cranks: Sadio Swoop 175mm
Sprocket: 36t Sadio Molar
Bottom Bracket: Sadio Mid
Pedals: Animal Steven Hamilton
Straps: YNOT
Front Wheel: MTX33 Laced to Sadio Spark Female Hub. Panaracer Uff’ Da 26x2.3
Rear Wheel: MTX33 Laced to 14mm Sadio Spark Hub. Specialized Hemisphere 26x1.95
Cog: Sadio 13t
Lockring: Sadio
Chain: KMC Pintle Halflink
Hubguards: Front G-Sport Gland MK3. Rear Shadow Conspiracy
Pegs: Dual Sadio
Ratio: 36/13

plus size bmx on fixed bikes

this ones less about the flick itself and more about the news /// looks like the guys at PSB are officially pushing fixed whips these days. im guessing you'll see more of these types crossing over to the "dark side" or whatever the fuck you want to call it. embrace fixed freestyle//this shit is here to stay haha.

eyeTTunes // double feature

i know i been posting tons of msv, but i couldnt pass up a madonna remix haha.

that new OF shit /// seems like theyre kind of a blow out these days, but this video is on some weird shit, and i can dig that. saw it last night/hesitated to post//but i know a bunch of you are into this shit, so here it is fuckers.

dawson phan // both ways #5

dawson is on some serious tech shit these days. 180 bar and opposite 180 opposite bar/// fucking sick man. that shits no joke.

skate shiTT

one more from nagajoose /// i cant get enough of this shit.

christian musgrave // iRandoms 4

musgraves throwaway footage keeps getting better.

quick clip // nucult

THIETH loves a quick clip.