jakob santos // a day at gnar park

you are now reading haha i dont think ive ever seen someone drop 4 new flicks in a row /// not even quick clips hahaha. santos was obviously sitting on a deep stack of footage. this one features more of santos' dual sport bo jackson side, and some footage from the newly improved gnar park. so sick. im a proud sponsor of gnar park, even if it wasnt much hahaha, and im a fucking proud backer of santos and his fucking 4 flicks dropping tonight. thats some crazy shit. haha. killing it.

slate shiTT // jakob santos

at this point it looks something like santos trolled TTv hahaha // three flicks back to back is some crazy shit. sick to see santos on a skateboard tho///and some change up in the style of tunes. fuckin bo jackson or some shit. fixed bikes and skateboards.

quick clip // jakob santos sactown

quick clip style /// santos is fucking shit up on 26's. this shit is so sick. always love some raw quick footage like this, jakobs style is fucking dialed on 26's. back to back flicks // he's not fucking around right now.


this is an epic sign of the times haha. the santos 26 switch is real. he killed it since way back on 700s, but on 26's his style smoothes out and his hops get bigger. so much sick shit in here, the makeshift ramp setups are epic, some man sized rail hops, and some big ledges. can wait to see wtf is next from santos on his new wheels. must see TTv.

cerbero // extreme bike // fixed trick frame

looks like a new frame is set to hit stores soon. italian brand EXTREM is coming through with a pretty solid looking offering. questionable stem/bar choice imo, but this build came out super clean. caught via RESIST on fb.

SHRED /// david pili bike check

SHRED always comes through with killer flicks. this is a simple super clean bike check. looks like david's been riding one of those MARINO customs//the colorway and part choices are legit as fuck. check it.

cardiel x chrome

cardiel is a fucking animal on a bike. no one rides like this haha. shits sick to watch for sure, he needs to get on a legit trick build// these bags look pretty sick, simple, lightweight, weatherproof. personally i dig a lightweight backpack, and rolltop is the shit imo.


these are always sick /// over a year deep now and a good mix of fixed freestyle and track ("fast bike") shit.

monday sucks // eat shiTT

fuck mondays. eat shit.


FUCKING EPIC. just watch this shit. haha.

phoenix /// hiro

been a while since we seen a PHOENIX flick. always sick.

skate shiTT

NAGAJOOSE is sick /// click through and pick up a copy.

bike check /// grime g.o.a.t.

these g.o.a.t.'s build up real clean. caught this one from krillz on facebook. CLICK HERE for more pics // here's the build specs;
 Frame: The Grime G.O.A.T sz small
Fork: specialized p-fix fork
Stem: Profile push topload
Headset: Demolition
Handlebars: Sadio 420
Grips: Vans x Cult
Seatpost: sadio pivotal
Seat: Animal
BB: Animal
Pegs: Animal OG peg
Sprocket: Specialized Swiss Cheese 25t (stripped to raw)
Cranks: Specialized
Pedals: Animal
Straps: Specialized
Rims: Specialized P-series 36mm wide rims
Front Hub: Specialized P-series
Rear Hub: Specialized P-series 10t fixed
Front Tire: Specialized Compound control 26×2.2
Rear Tire: Maxxis Hookworm 26×2.1
Ratio: 25:10

n00bs // 3 flicks

this guy has pretty good style and has been off a bike for 10 months according to the vimeo write up. psyched to see how his riding develops.

some riding from "the oc" // irvine has a growing fixed freestyle "scene", short and to the point, i dig that.

not quite sure what we're looking at here?

bike check /// ramon cote's airwolf

 ramon just sent this through. solid build, and from what i hear, everyon who is riding one of these loves it, so i wanted to get more of em in the mix. send em through if you got one built up. here's the run down;
Frame: all city airwolf
Fork: SE landing gear
Headset: cult
Stem: shadow ravager topload
Bars: destroy
Grips: cult waffle
Seat: satans saddle
Seatpost: a gold one
Pedals: Animal steve hamilton
Straps: burro
Cranks: profile 160mm
Sprocket: S&M L7 30t
Chain: cult halflink
Bottom Bracket: shadow corvus
Wheel/F: black rim/silver hub/1.5 Cheng Shin city tire
Wheel/R: MTX33/track hub/13t cog/1.5 Cheng Shin city tire