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KVLT KLIPS 11 ////// you already know whats good with this after 11 of these fuckers. 0:41 is soooo sick, lots of creative shit in here,  raining money, some epic spots, that giant stair spot is so sick, and im fucking loving the ender, high speed wheelie to hill bomb on trick bikes, fucking epic. these flicks never disappoint // WOLF DRAWN flicks are some of the best shit out.

torey thronton big money hustlaz remix

i dont know when this dropped, but its sick. if you havent seen BIG MONEY HUSTLAZ yet, you fuckin up. this remix is so sick, always psyched to see some new shit from torey, even if its re-runs of clips we already seen. click through and pick up a copy, only 10 bucks now.

christian and julian split edit

musgraves style continues to progress /// i dont think we've seen much from julian but he snagged some killer clips in here too. that golden west ledge spot looks sick, and it lit at night. so fucking psyched to see christian reppin that TT in this flick. i been a fan of his riding for a long time. good shit.

marco marquez and jball for royal hc

this ones sick. marco and jball kill it. lots of killer clips, good stacked footage, some guest appearances, some big fuckin tricks in the mix. 0:50 is some wtf shit, i had to watch that a few times. omar came through with a good edit on this one, and ROYALHC is scooping up some real good riders these days.

yerson varela

yerson is killing it in that fucking killing it shirt haha. so sick to see you guys wearing these things. i still get super pumped on that shit. some solid riding in here, yerson is coming up hard these days.

bike check /// bmw park bike

slam that seat!!! aside from the foot long seatpost haha, this build is sick. BMW park bike built up fixed. this seems to be the direction things are going, although as the seat height "depicts" a little more seattube would go a long way, i still prefer to be able to sit down on a fixed bike with "some" comfort, so i know where he's coming from. clean build, clean colorway, killer concept, looks like fun to ride. evan brown // thanks for sending it through.



skate shiTT

curb style mini shred. so sick.

grant higgins // february edit

pretty good stack of footage here from grant. some familiar long beach spots in the mix too.


weekends//beer//bikes. you know whats good. haha.

him chan lee /// team dice

good to see some people still putting it down on 700's.

n00bs // jean luc day edit

some pretty good n00b shit from "across the pond".

james jordan // solo clip

this shits pretty nuts /// potential fail is insane haha. sick clip for sure.


hbd kris and antonyo /// hopefully you got some fucking cake.