a congo minute

fuck yeah. congo and mon team up to bring you some epic shit. theres some congo bmx in this one, some clips we've already seen, and some shit we havent. so fucking sick. MoN is on a web flick death mission.


more from ramon antonio /// dude is on fuckin fire. antonyo is king of footjam shit, this clip is so sick. classic epic quick clip.

grime // 1DAY1SPOT//roosevelt skatepark

theres a bunch of sick clips in this one. GRIME squad always tears it down. the trash can bonks are so sick, wonka on a skateboard, 1:11, mike slams, so much good shit in here.


some bmx shreds at the volume/demo warehouse. thought it would be sick to post this up since we seen the fixed guys get their shred on at this spot.

skate shiTT

that hill bomb in the intro is pretty sick. no music black and white.

winter shred

sneak peek for next years shred flick. some heavy clips in it.

eyeTTunes? // fixie shiTT

uhhhh. not quite sure what to think of this, but its definitely "fixie news" haha.

n00bs // two quic ones

feeling the tunes in this one.

quick shit from the far east.