the hisTTory channel /// two days in toronto

finn just sent this one through suggesting a hisTTory channel post and i couldnt resist the post. this shit is epic from the fgfs golden age. bikes were finally strong, tricks were getting big, progression was getting fast. theres a few of your favorite fixie superstars. SKITCH was a big part of documenting the progression back here, such a sick flashback. even if you remember this flick clearly, watch it again.

Compton Chronicles

I recently shot a day in the life in photos with new LE pro and company owner Pat "sinner" Pasquale for Street Canoe. You can check out the feature HERE. Tonight at Red Room in Long Beach is his going pro party/ LE company launch be sure to make it out! 

welcome to the team /// alfonso garcia

RYD welcomes alfonso garcia. that intro slam is brutal. he got lots of og skate spots in it, lots of stacked footage, real good shit from this guy. psyched to see him get picked up by RYD.

skate shiTT

sick street transition spots in here. been snagging some good grass roots shit lately, theres no need for the nike and redbull skate flicks with shit like this out there.

tony k // iphone klips

getting those feeble to wheelies dialed. that last clip is sick// tony is one of the few who can hang out on a smith and pedal through that shit smoothe. always psyched to see some new shit from this guy.

elliot milner /// new spots

elliot has been killing it lately. looks like he lurked out some new spots. shits sick.


just blowing another gifload. 

big wheel bmx

some big bike shred. please dont bring suspension forks to fixed bikes LOL. i can see the luxury of these squish forks in "traditional" mountain biking, chatter, rocks, ruts, high speeds on uneven surfaces /// but for street shred, it seems like overkill and makes your bike look like a piece of "equipment" imo. enough rant///theres some good clips in this shit.

one i missed

ramon posted this shit over the summer and i skipped right past it. pretty funny shit, movie trailer style. mon has been on fire with the uploads lately.

n00bs /// quick clip

a quick one from stayloosen.