derek salvador in long beach

ramon has put out more flicks in the past 6 months that most people ever do. he's been hammering shit out lately. this ones of his hombre derek from their trip down to long beach recently. some good clips in here and some flash comp footage too.

angel marcias

some new shit from angel. getting some shit real dialed.


this is a killer deal from RYD /// $275 for a custom color is so sick. if ur on a budget or just want to get on a solid frame. get at this shit. e

Compton Chronicles

Another new part dropping today is New York born but now Long Beach local Jose Pereyra's Skateboarder magazine part. I came home from the bar last night and watched it right as it was posted, I was too excited! Jose has an amazing east coast style and seeing him skate the west coast is beauty to say the least. Stoked to see more from him in the future.


ramon just built up this vandal and it came out fucking sick. i always dig a blacked out whip. cant wait to see some footage from him on 26's. he's a recent recruit to the "dark side" /// one less niner in the mix. here's the rundown;
Frame: Volume Vandal
Fork: Snafu 26" Pickle
Headset: Snafu Fontanel
Stem: Snafu VST
Bars: Resist Congoloids
Grips: Snafu Simple and bar ends
Cranks: Snafu Mayweathers 175mm
Pedals: Snafu Poly
Straps: Hold Fast
BB: Resist
Chain: Odyssey BlueBird
Hubs: Resist set
Rims: RYD Meats set
Tires: Snafu 2.35 Rim Job set (Kevlar)
Seatpost: Resist
Seat: Resist

Compton Chronicles

Illnature is a new video put together by young Floridian Leo Banuelos. He is putting out each part separately and this (the intro) is the first part. You can already tell this is going to be entertaining. Solid crew of kids, and I'm stoked to see what this video has to offer.

get em while they're hot

more hype for those NINJACATS shirts. these things are fucking sick GET ONE NOW. support the real names in fixed freestyle. always pure entertainment in these flicks.

quick clip /// footjam whips

sick style.

skate shiTT

fucking sick edit. creammaster69 haha. its not all about hammers.


barcelona is a fucking spot mecca.

bike check /// filipe motta's volume thrasher

clean build plus some backyard flatground. filipe motta knows whats good.

big wheel bmx // quick clip

quick tire slide clip. always sick.

n00bs /// three flicks

a couple quick ones from silesia fixed

towards the end when theyre boosting that kicker into the grass is pretty sick. couple big ones in there.