be on the lookout for this thing /// marcos gonzales all city def wish recently stolen in the LA area. here's the rundown//
All City Def Wish
BB17 V2 bars
BB17 V2 Fork (faded BB17 logo with a large BB17 written in gold)
ODI Grips
Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Top Load Stem
FSA Impact Headset
Atomlab Seatpost
Shadow Pivotal Seat
Profile BB
Profile 36t Sprocket
Sadio 175 cranks(with a Wrahw decal on the left crank arm)
Salsa Semi Rims Laced to New sheriff front and Deputy rear
47c rear ad 54c front Continental Comfort Contacts
Soma 15t cog
Dura Ace lockrings (one is on with out a cog on the non drive side)
KMC pintle chain halflink chain
atomlab polytechs pedals
Molecule Straps

MoN /// 700c leftovers

ramon antonio is on a mission to get flicks out lately. non stop from this guy. here's another sick one. he built up a 26er so he dumped the last of his 700c clips. some good shit in it. psyched to see him reppin that TT shirt.

tricktionary v.1 /// "bar hops"

also known as front tire kickflips lol. pretty sick concept cole put together for this one // one part tutorial, one part stacks of barspin clips. killer for sure, i hope he keeps this going.

shaking hands with the real king

heres a flick from two killers who fly under the radar. we just saw one from payton yesterday, but its been a long time since chris sims dropped an edit. sick to see these two riding together, and a good flick all around.

palms cycles // fixed trick team

PALMS is one of the realest shops/has one of the sickest shop teams. heres a quick documentary style flick. psyched to see some coverage on em and its sick to see all these guys in one place. the audio is a little off or something, but its worth the watch.

mike dinh /// welcome to burro

this edit is soooo fucking sick. equal parts psyched for mike as i am on this edit. the BURRO connection is a sick come up. theres some serious hammers in the mix and that ender is fucking epic. mike kills it and has been killing it since way back, he's been flying under the radar for way too long and its sick to see him surface with an edit like this. some packy/gabe clips and footafe from smillie on a fucking fixed bike HA! too good. mike is fucking killing it.

quick clip /// devon smillie and gabe winawer

holy shit this is epic. gabe you a fucking boss. you already know devon smillie kills it on a bmx. way too fucking sick to see a back to back quick clip from these two. insane tony. killer fucking clip. MUST SEE TTv.


this is fucking sick /// WRAHW restocked the vamp glider tees. this ones my favorite graphic he's dropped. psyched to see em back in stock. get yours HERE while you can.

quick clip // sad boner

some fuckaround shit from kevin phomma // reppin TTv hard "TTv foreva, xoxo" hahahaha too sick. i love to see that shit.

eat shiTT

brutal face to ledge slam. but on the lighter side sick to see him reppin that TTv in the vimeo caption.

elliot milner /// we RYDin

elliot got out to ride and film with kendall, yearson, and junior/// they snagged some clips. sick to see em get out and posse up. RYD has a long list of killers in the mix, and its sick to see some styles developing. elliot is looking dialed these days with a signature style lookin real smoothe.

buttersketch trailer

THIETH loves some HI-8 footage. shit looks like flashback no matter when it was filmed. theres more flicks like this coming out of the woodwork these days. cant wait to see the full length this is a trailer for.

KONFOUR // bfierbgierwlbg

im always a fan of a black and white edit. got some bmx in the mix and a killer spot. via KONFOUR // check em out for lots of bike related bullshit.

rooTTs // david grant

david grant is one of my favorite bmx shreds to watch. he kills it and got rad style. i recognized some clips in here, so this may or may not have made it to the blog previously. even if its already been up, fuck it, always sick to check some footage from this guy.

skate shiTT

to me, this shit is a bit like some parkourXskate shiTT haha. not quite sure what i think of it in respect to skate skill, but its definitely insane to watch, he definitely has crazy board control. big ups to FISHNCHIP for twitting it through, i always appreciate a shared clip// and i know theres a big audience out there that loves this shit.

grip bike shop /// two flicks

two flicks from grip bike shop /// one on 700's one on 26's showing some "diversity" haha. good shit tho, check that fail at 0:57 in the second one, you can see the fucking frame flex. insane that bike and rider came out ok. its sick to see spots from other countries, definitely changes shit up from the day to day flicks.

winter shred

some winter shred from the local hill /// nothing too serious, but i been into surf music lately haha. creative fuckaround.

n00bs // 5 flicks

local posse outta long beach doin things. that nollie 180 off the stage at the end is big shit. keep em coming, good squad here, psyched to see how this develops.

quick one liner. rj dacon got good style/// lets see more.

inspired by his girl danny skit hahaha. quick clip style.

some riding from the other side of the earth /// riding looks nutty in yk city.

that spot at 0:40 is pretty sick. long and packed with clips. more riders comin up these days.

Compton Chronicles

High Death is a full skate video filmed with's all that a skate video needs to be though. Good times and not taking anything to seriously. High Death is the newest video to come from NSkrue which is a huge group of solid dudes hailing mostly from Oceanside, CA but a lot of cities up the coast as well. This video features some heavy hitters such as Pete Eldridge, Jon Dickson, David Reyes, and (new Mystery Skateboards pro) Windsor James. If you can look past the shit quality and bad angles you will enjoy this like I did!