two of the best names in fixed freestyle teamed up to bring you FREE BEER and good fuckin times. if ur in town for this, dont be stupid, show up and get loose.

meow (fixed freestyle)

not sure if i posted this up before or not, but i think its new shit. looks like b-sides, raw footage, fucking killer shit. must see TTv // even if its already been up on the blog, theres always room for more NINJA CATS.


good shots, good production, good riding, good spots. always good shit from PLANET HOPS. sick to see rally still killing it /// and you gotta be psyched on that titty 180 bar at 0:24.

jake lanich /// warm winter in sactown

been a little bit since we last saw something from jake. loooooooong slider in the intro, psyched on those hop through manuals around the 1:00 mark too.

rooTTs // monday sucks // eat shiTT

caught this flashback at the BONEDETH blog // i know ive already posted it, but i didnt have a bmx flick qued up today and this shit is worth the re-watch. toTTal repost. fuck mondays.

payton schwarz for blkmrkt

payton is one of those who we've been following since way back. looks like they deleted most of the PREVIOUS FLICKS // but TTv has been keeping track of his come up since the beginning, and his progression is insane. he's doing it big for BLKMRKT now /// this flick shows some dialed fucking riding, killer spots, killer clips, fixed shred on the next level for sure. so psyched on this, keep em coming payton. thanks ronnie for sending this through.

skate shiTT

this shits so sick. i learnt about this squad by way of COMPTON CHRONICLES // check em out. epic trailer.

so much big shit, creative shit // so many big slams in here. always fucking epic from these guys. looks like they got their shirt game dialed and opened a BIG CARTEL STORE // click through and buy shit. i want one of these shirts, this squad kills it every time.

yerson varela

yerson is getting shit dialed these days. he's obviously been going hard and stepping his shit up. this edit is sick. 0:56 is epic. keep em coming yerson.

monday sucks // eat shiTT

why does someone always have to say some fucking stupid shit on monday morning like "back to reality" or "someones got a case of the mondays" // fuck that shit. monday sucks, eat shiTT.

big wheel bmx

quick squish for big bike shit. insane setup at 0:26.


if you havent check out FIXIELIST lately /// you fuckin up. im a big advocate of buying used shit. people turn over parts real fast, and theres been a shitload of good stuff for good prices posted up lately. if ur a n00b tryin to get on your first whip, or you been breakin parts daily, check it out, save some cash, keep your money in the community. 

burro // santos signature straps

if you didnt already know // BURRO and santos teamed up for some signature straps. i dont typically like to push products or advertise some shit you need to buy, but burro is a grass roots fixed brand thats been pushing this shit since the beginning. show support for rider driven shit.

n00bs // 4 flicks

dont ignore the n00bs /// new names coming up hard these days. francis has been putting out flicks non stop lately. check em.