sesh clip #5 // marco marquez

all hail the king of the n00bs haha. marco is a new name to the fixed game, but his tricks tell it like hes been killing shit for years. if you saw THIS EDIT you already seen this kid coming, he's fucking unstoppable. FUCKING KILLING IT.

michael chacon // keeping it 700c

sick to see the few holding it down for 700c and doing it big. theres some INSANE shit in here. mike kills it, clean style, and he's been killing it since way back. fuck yeah mike // holy shit. MIKEONABIKE.COM if you know whats good for you.


this shit is so fucking sick. i love it when someone new steps in and fucks shit up like this. the n00bs aren't fucking around these days. watch out for this kid, only 13 and has the potential to kill.

gabes mandarin chicken grind

gabe knows whats good with the grinds. this tutorial has a real professional feel to it lol. killing it gabe, as usual.

cole ruffing // some leftovers

cole snagged some epic clips for this one. even some shit from antonyo in the mix. always solid riding from this posse, and you gotta love that classic soundtrack shit.

quick clip // short clip

haha run a train on that bitch. francis roque keeps em comin.

planet hops // pr image

this shit is sick high production fancy fucking shots and soundtrack style tunes. definitely worth a look. killer flick for sure.

saint cloud birthday edit

feeling that line at 1:26 // creative shit always comes out killer. sounds like the shop out there is celebrating 2 years. sick to see shit grow, heres what they had to say;
"Its been 2 years since Nick opened the doors of Saint Cloud. This video was put together to celebrate the milestone and pay homage to the homeland. FGFS is one fasset of cycling that gravitates towards Saint Cloud and this video captures that life and style, The M-Base Crew."

Compton Chronicles

This is a pretty rad video of the last moments at the Carlsbad gap. Anyone who skates knows how gnarly this thing is and how much it means to skating. Kris Markovich was the first to ollie the gap and now the last to ollie the gap...

big wheel bmx

team berserk kills shit.


this is one of my favorite bauhaus songs.

the hisTTory channel // super ted

theres no denying teds contribution to fixed freestyle. he goes waaaay back, and brought a lot of shit in.

winter shred

some winter shred hype shit. theres some fucking brutal clips in here.


some super old hoder shit. flashback hisTTory channel type shit.

skate shiTT sunday morning feature

slave full length is on youtube. gotta post up that shit. not like brand new or anything, but definitely a sick flick.