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bike check /// big wheel bmx

more crossover shit from PHOENIX /// couldnt resist posting a clean build up. seems like theres quite a few of these popping up, people snagging phoenix forks for mtb builds. its sick to see some crossover into the big bike world. here's the rundown;

Frame: NS Bikes Capital 26 
Stem: Dartmoor Funky 
Bars: NS Bikes District 2011 
Grips: ODI Longneck ST 
Seat: Shadow Pivotal MID 
Cranks: Eclat Tibia 
Sprocket: Xenium STAR 
Pedals: Shadow Ravager Plastic 
Chain: Shadow Interlock 
Rims: NS Bikes Trailmaster 
Hubs: Primo N4 flangeless F/Primo Remix R 
Tyres: KHE mac2 dirt F/KENDA small block eight R 


one of my favorites from based god // you know whats good, violate that bitch hahahahahahaha.

lbc trip take 2

the man ramon antonio III  was back to lbc for the flash comp /// and he stacked footage for another edit. this guy keeps em coming. more footage from your favorite FF fuckers, some flash comp shit, and a clip of congos ultra high double peg. so fucking sick.

skate shiTT

grass roots skate shit at its finest.


you cant beat THECOMEUP to bmx flicks, but this shits too sick not to post up. check 1:24 haha. so sick.

toTTal repost // johnathan davis: into the unknown

im hitting this one with a toTTal repost cuz jd doesnt get anywhere near the coverage he deserves, and this shit is worth watching way more than once. fucker came out of nowhere for a lot of people, but im a fan, always lookin for some new shit from him. he kills it, theres no question.


i cant say ive seen anything from this guy before, but he's coming in with some real good shit for a n00b // back wheelies and shit. wtf. sick man.

francis stacked clips for this one. hes definitely been progressing a shitload and it shows in this solo flick. 

Compton Chronicles

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5BORO's new video join or die is something to not be slept on, it literally was posted online a couple minutes ago and I'm already posting it here. 5Boro is an amazing company out of New York, raw as hell with a lot of history. Don't be fooled by lil wayne. He is down for it, but does not own it or anything (I don't know how he got hooked up with 5boro, fucking random), but I'm stoked that its getting these dudes paid regardless. This video fucking rules and 5boro is one of my favorite companies right now for sure. FACT- Joe Took, Dan Pensyl, and Willy Akers are hyped on PILE. Yeeew! Alright goodnight.