i snagged this from 8Y8LURK'S TUMBLR /// i dont know why he doesnt hype this shit more, his tumblr is legit and he keeps it updated.

Gabe taking us to school

Gabe is one of my fav up and coming kids. Just a few clips in this,pretty creative and a good feel to it.


this ones sick // digging the real deal northwest fender vibes in it, trickin with a fender on for that wet weather shred. fishy gets loose, theres some killer clips in here, that dock ride to water launch is epic//probably cold as fuck tho haha. most importantly// WAY FUCKING PUMPED on the TTv shout at the end, so sick. thanks man.

quick clip // francis roque

killer quick one liner from francis roque.


you may have already seen this /// but it looks like its is a first ever open to the public fixie weekend at woodward west. theres definitely a ton of shit to ride // but from what little ive seen, theres a fuckload of rules to go with it haha. hopefully this pops off and the place is packed with fixed bikes tho. its a sign that this shit is definitely growing.

Compton Chronicles

This a promo for Polar skate co. a new board company, and unfortunately that is all I know. I'm stoked that they are so discreet with this video in giving to much information away. It's a great watch if you have the time and videos like this remind me of how much I love watching people skate fast! Skate fast or don't skate at all!!

skate shiTT // jakob santos

this is straight from WHEELTALK // santos got out to ride la while these guys were down filming for shred well 2/// obviously bikes arent the only shit he gets down with. santos fucking kills it no matter what he rides, thats a solid boardslide on a legit handrail right there. click through for their story and a shot of your man KRILLZ pushin a plank down the street.

dawson phan // both ways #4

dawson keeps these coming /// 4th installment of both ways. most people dont bother getting tricks dialed both ways, but dawson has a fuckin deep bag of both way tricks dialed. so sick, keep this one going. bar both ways down stairs is sick /// he's bringing some epic tech to fixed riding.

zlog // sea town fix up

good to see some new shit from ZLOG /// its not the usual suspsects we see all the time either. mixing shit up with some cruise around town type shit. seattle looks like a pretty killer spot to ride. nelson bell and alex garrett got some shred in em.

the hisTTory channel // shredwell

with shredwell2 in the works, i thought id blast the original flick. this one set the bar high// GRIME flicks have "historically" been memorable, this one definitely doesnt disappoint. im psyched to see what kind of shit goes down in the next one/// especially after seeing tweets, fb posts, all that shit of some of the spots they hit for it.

skate shiTT

more sick grass roots skate shit from WILLROSENSTOCK


more n00b shit // i usually post em all at once, but i missed this one. too much style for a n00b to skip past.


 this has to be THE HIGHEST ive ever seen him get haha. probably the biggest double peg on a fixed bike. congo kills it and has been killing it since the "inception" of fixed freestyle. respect a boss /// that shits almost chest high // in case you dont know, congo isnt fucking short and that ledge looks huge next to him. sick photos as usual from RECFAIL


lots of clip fire in this one. real good variety of spots and variety of riding style.

shred crew facebook page

 SHRED CREW officially launched their facebook page // click through / click like. follow these fuckers, they got some good shit going.

n00bs // justins quickie

justin rojas just upped this quick one. the colors in that first clip are so sick. he's got a real solid style for a n00b // keep an eye on this guy.