sesh clip #4 // tyler park

these sesh clips are pretty sick /// this ones number 4 so hopefully this continues. raw footage quick edit style. i dig this kind of shit. the ender is epic haha.


i havent been following this odd future shit, but i know a bunch of you are into it/// and this one just dropped like an hour ago, so i thought id throw it up on some seen it here first type shit.

elliot milner // leftovers

elliot is always killing it on the edits. this ones some first class leftover shit. real good riding in it for sure, RYD squad stays fucking shit up. fence ride at 1:16 is sick. lol at the end, its rare you get someone that mellow kicking you out of a spot. haha.

Compton Chronicles

 Pat Franklin's part in "Nagajoose" is well.....For one it's fucking awesome. I love his style and editing like this is something you don't see to often, and Two, Ty Segall's cover of "Fame" fits the video perfectly. If you get a chance watch the whole video or shit even buy it.


this ones from THE VOLCANO CLUB featuring ramon antonio the 3rd. dude has been on a fucking mission lately, stacking clips and riding non stop. you gotta respect that kind of shit. psyched to see him coming up these days... he's been in this shit for a long time flying under the radar.

big wheel bmx

some killer rigid fork big bike shit. spots you might recognize from some fixed flicks over there.


 in case you dont follow brad // aka @gnarlivin on instagram. he's been building up a concrete backyard park. shit looks like its coming along real sick, cant wait to see the finished product, and i been "lurkin hard" on these updates. follow him on instagram or keep checking back cuz ill be following the progress for sure.


TTv would like to welcome our latest cult member to the "blog roster" haha. andy compton, the brains behind PILE HARDWARE will be joining us to take up the slack in the skate department. being that he has his own hardware brand rolling, and he skates every fucking day, he's on the front lines with skate shiTT at all times... we're psyched to have him in the mix, you guys are going to dig this shit. stay TTuned.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

this ones fucking heavy /// snagged it from THECOMEUP. fucking intense when dude starts seizuring. couldnt pass on posting this tho.


more inside shit from joe and MASHAFIX. looks like joe will now team up with LDG. they got a super solid squad over there, joe is an epic addition to the team. psyched for him.


lots of creative shred and entertainment in the mix. 1:19 lol.


JMIK aka BHSKCOGBLOG tagged me with this one on fb. way too sick not to post, CONGO fucking floating on a "fast bike" so fucking sick.  snagged from MACAMOBILE

skate shiTT

fucking sick spot.

sesh clip #3 // omar sebai

omar was killing it at the comp on saturday/// looks like he kept some of that fire going and snagged a couple clips. good shit for sure. psyched to see him coming up.

this is how we chill

fixed shit X some filters for a change of pace. pretty killer. definitely a step out side the typical web edit.

christian musgrave /// irandoms#3

more random shit from musgrave. kinda long, but theres some good clips in the mix.

slow-mo test

i dig some raw footage. heres some raw slowmo flatground shred from grant higgins.

n00bs /// a shitload of flicks

pretty solid n00b solo edit. lots of stacked footage. 

sick to see some new kids tearing down that pink park in laguna hills.

some shit from the other side of the planet.

quick clip style/// getting those 180 bars dialed.

nollie bars arent on some easy shit. gotta take a beating to get tricks learnt sometimes.

dont forget to fuck around and "have fun" with it.