happy birthday matt /// celebrate some WOLFDRAWN w/ a shitload of his flicks.


friday night // get loose, fuck shit up.


more friday night double feature type shit /// first one is some old shit thats epic as fuck. the 2nd is some epic exploded wheel type shit. toTTal repost style, but dont miss that shit if you havent seen it.

skate shiTT

caught this one on FOAD // friday night double feature type shit, longish flick, but its worth the watch. the 2nd one is fucked.  both from FOAD. sick finds over at their spot.


just in case you didnt catch this shit at MASHAFIX /// it looks like joe will be pushing a 26" whip on some resist proto hoops soon. fucking sick photo. click through and read up, joe should be on everyones list of favorite fixed killers these days, and i expect he will be

royal hc flash comp // tomorrow 10 am

the ROYAL HC flash comp is tomorrow morning /// get your shit together, get some tricks dialed, drink some sports energy shit, and fuck shit up. i know theres a fuckload of "n00b" talent these days, so i hope we see some of you fuckers tear it down. also, i think this is the first time a TT logo has landed on an event flyer. haha. this will be one of the few times that these shirts will be available, so get one if you can. i dont plan to ever make these readily available. way fucking psyched to be a part of this.
here's some recent update rundown //
"Check in starts at 10 am at CITY GROUNDS BIKE SHOP in DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH. RACE WILL STARTS FROM CITY GROUNDS AT 11 am. The race will be less than 15 miles total and I will give you detailed routes with maps. The race will end at the trick comp and If your fast enough you should not miss much of it ! Hahahaha entry fee is $10 first 3 people to check in get a MASHAFIX T SHIRT !"

winter shred // quick style

it just snowed at our local "mountains" so i thought some winter shred might be appropriate. check that last clip for the killer angel and shit.

n00bs // three flicks

three n00b flicks // getting a late start at TTv today // shits been fucked, but we'll be back up to speed shortly.



packy golan // one spotter

packy fucking kills it, hes looking so comfortable on his bike these days. sick to see him still slaughtering shit with some bb drop. he gets better every time something new drops//respect a boss, packys been doing this for a while now, and this is an epic single spot flick. always psyched to see him reppin that TTv, we been backing packy since way back.