shark and sam clark are fucking relentless with web flicks. the megalodon came out of hibernation for a quick indoor flick. cant wait to see what comes when he gets some warmer weather and some street shred.

nick ramirez // san diego street

nick has been keeping the shred variety mixed lately. this is sick, lots of killer creative spots in the mix, and solid tricks from nick as usual. nick has been hammering out killer flicks for a looong fucking time, respect a boss haha. still holding it down for LEADER too.

cole ruffing

always psyched to see new shit from cole /// always psyched on these raw footage style joints. some pretty sick clips in the mix as expected. always worth the watch.

omar sebai // february

omar stacked clips for a couple weeks for this one. solid progression definitely shows. i get psyched to see you guys get better with new edits. keep em comin omar.

tony k // mcbride park #2

all skate shiTT in this one from tony k. some pretty dialed local skate shit at that. sick tony.


get VVIKED// stay VVIKED

off TTopic

some off TTopic bullshit /// cuz its fuckin VVIKED VVEDNESDAY.

84 kick ride tokyo

i know this is a step outside the typical freestyle shit we push, but 84 kick has been in fixed freestyle for a long time now, and i kinda dig seeing some flashback tarck style tricks. sick to see his style refined, even if its just for a couple clips.

quick clip // bulltrain aray

another quick one from bulltrain.

G.O.A.T. promo

i dig all the G.O.A.T. fanfare and commercials and shit. haters can hate, but its sick to see a "product" pop up that "inspires" this kind of shit. people are fucking loving these.

n00bs // four flicks

theres so many new names in fixed these days, shit gets hard to keep track of. definitely some killers gunna rise up, so keep watch at that n00b shit.