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congo, joe, jakob (on 26's now, wtf/sick) // fucking tearing shit down. you already know these three kill it... MASHAFIX edit skills are on some next shit too. theres a couple wtf clips in here // watch it twice, that shit cray. haha.


here's one i caught from torey and charles on fb /// this shit is insanity. 2:41 of some of the most creative bmx ive seen in a long fucking time. insane creativity. if youve never seen an edit from this guy, you fuckin up. fucking killing it.

alex nunez // trilla

fucking sick quick one from alex. fuckers on fire right now.

quick clip // kendrick bautista

some quick shit from kendrick.

iphone clips

i missed this one when it was upped but caught it over at FIXEDFREESTYLE.NET // shits so sick. they definitely got some people killing shit up north right now.

quick clip // MoN

more from ramon antonio III /// this guy is nonstop with the uploads lately. pretty good size gap in this one.

noobs // slyfix // sonny

this edit is kind of long, but this kid has some serious hammers in the mix. definitely someone to watch the fuck out for// trucks, tire tap threes, back wheelie bar, 180 bars down shit... serious n00b shit.


adding some variety to the mix /// entertainment for your eyes and ears.

rooTTs // toTTal repost

heres one that you shouldnt fucking miss if you havent seen it. i dont know how it came up in front of me again, but even after having already seen the shit multiple times, i had to watch it again... its one of those///dont miss it.

skate shiTT

caught this one on TRONG /// shits killer, had to post it up.

eat shiTT

the video is titled "my sister falling on her bike" /// couldnt resist.

off TTopic?

n00bs // robert rice

quick stack of clips set to some gravediggaz haha. roberts on that blue hair shit with the tropicult too.

n00bs // quick line

more and more n00bs every day /// the stock tricks keep getting better. this kid has potential, real smoothe with all his tricks.