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jimmy watcha

this doesnt look like n00b shit // but the names new to me. this kid is killing it// especially for how young he is. must see TTv for sure, surprise edit of the week type shit. heres what they had to say;
"Jimmy Watcha, 14 years old been riding for lil more than a year now, makin the best out of his snapped, cracked, and bent mordecai."

quick clip // dawson phan both ways #3

this is dawsons third "installment" of both ways. this is so sick, dawson has serious bike handling doing all this shit both ways. i hope this series keeps going/cant wait to see whats next with it.

SHRED /// ℬяΣΛ₭ Ð∀ℵ☾€

SHRED always keeps things interesting haha. some quick flick funny shit from david pili. maybe he'll give up bikes and just dance with moves like that hahaha.

monday sucks // eat shiTT

monday sucks /// eat shiTT, oh fuck its a double feature haha. i fucking hate coming in to work on monday mornings, everyone in this place can eat shit. looks like this "junkin video" comes up with some real fuckin gems in the eat shit category.

balhogs // king bacon hoarder tee tee

BALHOGS kill it//TOREY kills it. fucking sick grit as usual, torey always kills it with a fresh take on almost everything he rides.

elliot milner /// quick clip

looks like elliot got out to that skate plaza and killed some shit. alway solid riding from this guy. kind of a stretch to call this a quick clip, but its definitely short and to the point.


fucking sick to see what DESTROY is capable of in house. this is diy on some next level shit. sick that these guys keep us entertained, let us see inside the operation. support grass roots upstarts, local shit, rider driven brands.

sfg // ynot // gwang

always good shit from sfg. solid riding//solid production.


this is a sick team up. entertainment for your eyes and ears.

quick clips // bob woods

heres a couple quick clips from bob woods. nasty still at it, still got his signature style.

big wheel bmx

some solid big bike mini shred.

quick clip /// peter chen

real quick/ no bullshit. pretty solid one liner from peter.

romain tromss /// winter short

just over a minute is a good length for a solo web flick. theres some pretty good clips in the mix here.

n00bs // four flicks

theres a shitload of n00bs coming in to fixed bikes these days.