winter shred

theres nothing more "hood" than being up on top of a mountain hahaha. psyched on that trife logo tho, seems like they got some good shit goin.

the hisTTory channel // andrew voegeli

andrew voegeli has been killing fixed bikes for a long time now. he's one of those riders who doesnt get as much attention as i think he should. this one dates back almost 2 years.

skate shiTT

killer // raw footage no music type shit.

off TTopic //

ive seen the requests for rollerblade flicks/// haha. i saw this shit and i couldnt pass it up, kruise is my next door neighbor, he looks nothing like this now, too fucking funny. i dont follow much rollerblade shit, but apparently he kills it on those skates and obviously judging from this, he bas been for years.


sick "cinematography" in this one, killer music video.

the hisTTory channel /// miles mathia

this kid came out of nowhere just plain fucking killing shit. we dont see much from him these days, but every flick from him in the past was so epic.

skate shiTT

super sick grass roots skate shit. check the slam intro, killer edit overall. definitely "well rounded" skateboarding and the enders are fire.

off TTopic