saTTurday night feature

saTTurday night special feature // slave radio television.

winter shred

for those who dig some typical baggy gear "hip hoppa" type snowboard shit haha. some pretty good shit in the mix tho with some skate in there.


some dark fucked up shit // parenTTal advisory lol.

the hisTTory channel /// "groms"

heres a couple flicks from some "groms" who arent really groms anymore. sean and mike still ride together which i think is so sick. dylan still kills it on a fixed bike too. its sick to see the people who have stuck with this shit and still kill it today.

fixie shiTT

i dont usually post fixie shit /// but this one is pretty fucking strange.

quick clip /// the hisTTory channel

theres no denying toms influence on fixed freestyle, and theres no denying how mind blowing shit like this was when it dropped. still is to this day. i cant think of a lot of people who can blast a hop like this.

SHMOB saTTurdays: #HUYAMOUF Johnny

Top shot is a photo by Lance Skundrich//bottom two are screen grabs from the latest SHMOB film efforts at some dirt jumps #HUYAMOUF


this is a long one, i know others have already posted it, but i like to save the long ones for weekends. thats when you got time to sit back and tune in.

saTTurday morning skate shiTT

watch this if you know whats good for you haha.

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