rooTTs // crispy

crispy stream skate shiTT hahaha wtf. had to post that up.

FOAD // a few at fairmont

FOAD shit is alway sick // this ones got some mellow tunes and some skate park annihilation. really feeling that quick line at 0:27, simple but super smoothe execution. theres foadloads of killer clips in here, even some bmx. never miss a foad flick.


LIVE FAST, STAY YOUNG by O'PIGNON.COM from O'PIGNON fixed wear on Vimeo.

O'PIGNON is a fixied greard clothing company from France. there some really good filming going on good riding good cloth and beautiful woman.

bike check /// gabriel garcia's specialized pfix

ROYAL HC just upped this one /// quick style bike check with gabriel garcia. added some aftermarket bits to his pfix // getting it dialed. theres some flatground riding at the end, shit is sick, he's got back wheelies fucking dialed.

brads valentine gift // STDY LRKN X TT

brad hit me up on fb today sayin he had a valentines day gift for me haha. and this is what came through. fucking psyched. a huge chunk of these will end up at the upcoming ROYAL HC comp in dt long beach. rather than taking the stock image we already had, brad took it on himself to recreate it by hand, and according to him, no two are the same. the screen was destroyed shortly after this photo was taken, so these will only happen once. shit came out looking sick. if you at the comp/// snag some hand made joints, slap em up, thank brad if you see him. THANKS A SHITLOAD MAN.


THIETH loves a GIF /// snagged this one from the WHEEL TALK BLOG way fucking sick. slumworm got some gif making skills for sure.

SE Floval 5" Bars

Photobucket Photobucket
you might remember seeing our main man gus on these bars back in the day /// sounds like SE BIKES will be releasing them again. the demand for a 5" riser is definitely here, bars are getting taller and taller these days and there's definitely a big group of you that want a taller set of bars. these are legit, ridden for a long time by gus, and brought to you by a SE who's been doing this for years. get em while they hot. 
11 Butted 
Heat Treated 4130 Cr-Mo 
Rise: 5” 
Width: 28” 
Back Sweep: 8° 
Upsweep: 2° 
Black: $70 
Chrome: $80

skate shiTT

i may or may not have posted this before, but shit is way sick. lots of creative tricks and some crazy fucking tech in the mix.

bike check /// derek salvador's vandal

ramon antonio stacked so much fucking footage. here's another flick from his road trip. derek salvadors vandal is built up way clean. digging the red bits in the mix.

the hisTTory channel

this ones not as old as previous hisTTory channel flicks /// but its sick as fuck, and relevant since MWM3 is "on the horizon". i think at the time, MWM2 flicks were a dime a dozen/// so matt just came through with some different shit haha. so much good footage here, dig around through his "back catalog", theres a shitload of gems going back yeeeearrs. WOLFDRAWN been on some cutting edge web flick game since day one. always fire, always entertainment, always on some other shit.


lol at the cops in the intro /// i cant even remember the last time i had a run in with a "cool" cop haha.


this ones a slow jam. haha.

n00bs // two flicks

more from max /// and one from wilson and elias.