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hisTTory channel

dew tour came to chicago a while back and got some sick footy of antonyo and rick anderson.

catacomb bikes /// theyre here

these catacomb ads are always sick /// if you didnt notice, im a fan of horror flicks haha, so i gotta post this shit haha. "killer" tho. looks like they got G.O.A.T. frames in stock.

big wheel bmx

KNS.Lo is by far my favorite big bike squad to watch. so many good clips in the mix. must see TTv.

dawson phan // quick clip #2

dawson has been putting in work learning shit both ways lately. that shits no joke, its not easy to get tricks dialed both ways. noteworthy mention, no fucking indian giver either way. so sick dawson, cant wait for a new solo joint from this guy.

skate shiTT

this ones almost a year old, but i didnt catch it the first time around. epic production quality, killer skateboarding, skate flick fire all around.


im sure this ones made the rounds by now /// but if you want some insane bike tech and you havent seen this flick, its some must see TTv shit.

quick clip /// max gardener

here's a quick one straight from a macdonalds parking lot haha. solid n00b quick clippin// no indian giver. keep em comin max, thanks for sending it through.

quick clip // skate shiTT

fuckin doin shit. raw//no fucks given. haha.


i saw the first one on fb and asked robert to up it to youtube for us. had to get this on the blog, real young guns in the mix with that flynt flossy soundtrack haha. couldnt pass that up. the second one is some over seas n00b shit. i see some potential in the mix here. keep watch for these guys to get it dialed. the third is some shit jon dirts neck of the woods.