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via. kenny arimoto

you know whats good

this ones a flashback /// congo just posted it up on fb, so i thought id come through with it too. #huyamouf bb // its not just a phrase or a hashtag, its a way of life, dont fuck with it. hahaha. this shit is so fucking sick.

quick clip // forest parker flat 3

caught this one via fixed freestyle on facebook /// 700c flat 3


this shit is way too sick. oscar is always one to bring some crazy shit to the table, but he really "outdid himself" with this one. haha. you cant even start to argue about whether this shits original. one of the sickest "paint jobs" (if you can even call it that) ive seen.

winter shred

even though theres hardly been any winter feel lately, shit like this still drops. brutal slams in the intro. this is some pretty creative/raw snowboarding. one of the "finer" boardmakers in the mix these days imo.

KRISLC /// life magazine come up

kris just posted one of his "DAILY MOBILE" joints over at LOCKEDCOG /// looks like he came up on an og copy of life magazine with that manson cover. so fucking sick. click through for more.


this is my theme song at the office today. a special dedication to the bitch that sits next to me.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

you may or may not have already seen this one before, but its worth the re-watch even if youve seen it. pretty insane slam. monday mornings at work fucking suck, everyone in this fucking office can eat shiTT.

jordan tage // $$$

every now and then someone i havent seen much from comes through with a flick that catches me off guard. this is one of those flicks. jordans style is pretty dialed, he keeps his speed up, and he whips his bike around like nothing. watch out for this kid.


always psyched on that crispy shit. they keep it pretty raw. i dont get that "filmed and edited by mike vockenson" across the screen the whole time.

skate shiTT // quick clip

"TTv" wallie haha. GNARTIFACT keeps the skate shiTT coming.

the hisTTory channel /// phillip williams

kind of hard to believe that this is less than a year old /// especially judging from where this guys at today. he came a real long way in a short time. its clear in this flick that there was serious shred potential. he has a style all his own and savage bike control. he's way refined and killing it these days, goes to show what you can do with some practice and dedication. shark just put together this FACEBOOK page, if somehow ur blind to what he's been doin, now's a good time to tune in.

n00bs /// two flicks

ive said it before /// but its not like this is something thats going away. more and more people are picking up fixed bikes and getting out to film flicks. keep at it.