THIETH is proudly sponsoring the ROYAL HC flash com. this will be one of those rare occasions where a few lucky fuckers get to snag one of these OG fucking killing it shirts. im droppin more than a few for this, dont miss it.


jamil just dropped some beanies /// these came out so clean, and only $12, sick deal too. get with it if ur with it. THEESTABLISHED

dstroy megalodon bars

caught this on fb /// sky high 6" tall bars from DESTROY // these are the tallest dedicated fixed bars. dont resist change. far as i know these are for phil williams, and you know d00d is gunna kill it with these fuckers on his whip.

~|| ¡ {[SHMOB or]} DIE ! ||~

shanes workin on that nosie shit. couldve been worse. haha. goin down forward fucking sucks the worst tho.

quick clip // gabe garcia

if you didnt already catch this one on my fb page /// gabe is getting them back wheelies real dialed w/ bar out. fucking sick. watch the fuck out for this kid.

big wheel bmx

always psyched to see new footage from plonka. all indoor in this one, but theres some good clips.

ronnie for ace metric

sick to see ronnie is still at it. been waaay too long since his last flick. ronnie, jared, and cody, putting it down for ace metric in this one. lots of good clips.

skate shiTT

more skate shiTT /// posted up that ta ha flick yesterday, this is the long beach section. you already know these spots are local.


this is almost exactly what my friday night was like haha.

quick clip // dawson phan goes both ways

threes both ways.

saTTurday morning skate shiTT

some full length shit/// old school skateboarding mixed with some fucked up music and weird fucking cartoon shit. check the slam section aroud 8:35, theres some good ones.