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looks like MASHAFIX hooked us up with the only other live embed code haha. congo and santos kill it. theres even some congo and santos skate shit in the mix// so sick.

grass rooTTs

just caught this on the BONEDETH blog /// this shit is way too sick to pass up. dont miss it. fucking epic grass roots bmx. watch to the end for some roof drop insanity.

skate shiTT

double your skate shiTT today /// this is one of those flicks that everyone loves to watch, brand new shit from daewon, so you already know theres gunna be some insane tech in the mix.

filipe motta /// area cycles tour

filipe motta takes on a a quick tour of area cycles /// theres a couple riding clips at the end too.


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket thanks for reading. today marks two years of unfiltered bullshit. no ads, no outside influence, DIY. a blog isnt shit without readers, so you guys make this worth while. thanks to everyone who reads, sends flicks through, reps those shirts. im as much a fan of you fuckers as you are of this blog.

rooTTs /// quick clips

this is a fuckin treat /// some hoder quick clips from lotek.

quick clip // desmond cook // roof drop

heres a second chance to check that desmond cook roof drop. shits so sick, you can see things a little more clearly in this one/// bent bars, face full of crossbar, but he still rides it out. watch out for this guy.

skate shiTT

legit local skate shit /// i think the whole video is up on vimeo if you click through, theres also a long beach montage. geek on that shit and poach some spots. some classic tunes in the mix and "stoney" style, dialed grass roots skate shit.


some strange editing "effects" in this one/// but the tricks are legit.

never forget wheelies

never forget how killer it is to cruise and do wheelies/// shits the sickest. digging the camera angle on it too.


theres a shitload of n00bs coming in these days /// we might star posting em up all in one post every day like this. one here from badass coast on that gorilla frame and one from ken nguyen showin he has some killer style for boosting of shit, take it to some bigger gaps man you got this.