cory kroeger

hard to say if this is super old or brand new // vimeo says it was upped a couple hours ago. so fucking sick if corey still rides and still puts it down "tarck" style.  i hope this is new footage. its been like a year since we've seen new shit from him.

quick clip // stay ndeos brow

i dont know what the title means haha /// but i dig the styled out edit quick clip. it doesnt have to be hammers every time.

big wheel bmx

super sick mellow big bike cruising. that build is killer.

quick clips /// dd4zzle

dd4zzle upped these on youtube /// norcal squad kills it. these three quick clips are pretty fuckin solid. ones from alex blanco, devon lawson, and forest parker.


digging the aspect ratio on this one/// is this an energy drink commercial?

skate shiTT /// pile hardware

PILE is some local shit out of long beach/// theyre a grass roots hardware brand thats picking up some momentum these days. keep an eye on em, cuz they doing shit right. rider driven, skate daily, grass roots start up mentality, that good shit. click through to their FACEBOOK PAGE check em out.

tuesday sucks /// eat shiTT

lol// caught this one on fb via jeff d. basically every fucking weekday stuck in a cubicle sucks haha.


some tech/creative bmx shit. this one made the rounds yesterday, saw this shit on multiple fb posts, if you missed it/// check it.

we love spike hi bar

SPIKE has been putting out some quality shit since they started. the new bars look solid.

n00bs /// vance tetreault

sounds like vance doesnt have a frame right now/// but he put together some clips he already had stacked.