jona kessel gopro quickie

youngun jonah kessel getting his flatground on/// keeping the flicks coming. cant wait for a stacked solo edit from this kid/// shits gunna be fire.


DPH has kind of slowed down on the edits lately, but jon is out to keep fixed gear flicks coming out of detroit. that riding in the snow shit is pretty sick haha.

skate shiTT

grass roots skate shit at its finest. so many sick clips/sick spots in this one. the ender is fucking epic. if you like skate shiTT, this is must see TTv.

n00bs // colin aranowitz

looks like alec got his little brother out on a fixed bike and taught him well /// this kid has man size bike handling skills. so fucking sick to see these young ones come out of nowhere with stacked footage and dialed tricks. this kid has serious potential//he's only 13.


og fixie killer taylor dwight getting in touch with his rooTTs // proving that bike handling carries over. taylor has skills no matter what he rides. sick to see crossover shit like this for sure.

mike schmitt /// burro mudflaps ad

im a fan of BURRO, more so after my visit a couple weeks ago /// and mike always has a real interesting take on spots and shit (as seen with this gap double peg). sick fuckin photo too. click through and pick up a set of MUDFLAPS // support rider run operations.

froots // tukasa ozaki

FROOTS twitted this shit at me. pretty solid for a one day one spot type flick. been a while since we seen something from these guys// always sick to see a posse stay in it and keep putting flicks out.

acid quickie

short one from the other side of the world.

quick clip // lomen

quick skatepark double peg. single trick clips are always killer.

christian musgrave /// irandoms #1

some random shit from musgrave, kind of long but theres some good shit in there. fast fwd to about 1:30 if all you want is that fixie shit.