quick clip // desmond cook roof drop

this came through by way of ROYALHC on facebook. shit is so sick//so brutal. desmond cook just going fucking huge. bent bars and face full of stem and he still rides it out. so fucking sick.


danny from ZONK VISION hit me up with this one. sounds like theyre putting together an exhibition of shit from the whole posse. should be sick as fuck if ur in their area. heres what they had to say ///
"Friday 30th March 2012 at House of bricks 40 Budd st Collingwood. The exhibition will feature new works from
Jason Galea, Danny Wild, Greg Holden, Instant(FYG), Leagues & Lush
There will also be live VHS manipulation and a 30 minute screening of new Zonk Vision material."
if you arent familiar /// check their shit out, these fuckers stay wild, im a fan, real psyched they included us in this shit.

ks yun for feiyue shoes

ksyun put together a quick one for FEIYUE shoes. always killer production from this guy.


stay scared

jball /// slow-mo test

damn that first barspin was some big shit. slow-mo lookin good too. jball stays filming non stop.

rooTTs // quick clip

foot plant broken camera.

skate shiTT

thrasher flicks are always sick. this ones old but has that grit you love.

bike check // unknown xs 24" build

you knew this kind of shit would happen eventually. someone built an unknown xtra small up on 24's. love it or hate it/// here it is;
Frame : Unknown Bike V2 XS
Fork : Affinity Cyclone Fork
HeadSet : KINK
BB : Unknown
Crank : Macneil Consplined Crank 175mm
ChainRing : Resist 36T
Cog : 12T
Gear Ratio : 3.00
Chain : Xposure Half Link
Front Wheel : Spank TweetTweet 24 × SADIO Super Spark Hub 32H
Rear Wheel : Suzkid's Odyssey Hazard Lite × Resist Icon Hub 36H
F&R Tire : Tioga FS100
F&R Peg : Eclat Slotmachine Peg
Pedal : Eclat Plaza PC Pedal
PedalStrap : YNOT Strap
SeatPost : Unknown
Saddle : Eclat Gonzo Fat
Stem : Eclat Hannibal Stem
Handle : SL Rosko Yowelli OD Bar 700mm
Grip : Eclat Team Grip
thanks kbirdie for posting this shit up on facebook///pic from HERE, click through for more. 

bike check // pride street 26er

caught this one over at the PHOENIX blog /// looks like a dj frame built up with fixed drive. i didnt track down the details tho, so this could be fixed specific. either way, looks sick built up and has a set of those new phoenix bars on it. click through for the full build specs.

big wheel bmx

check that line at 0:41 /// so sick.