i think i saw santos drop this on facebook with some understated caption, like "just some clips" or "nothing special" /// maybe we arent watching the same thing, cuz theres some fucking hammers in here. santos goes so fucking huge. killing it every time. gap to the roof and step up 180 are going to be stuck in my head for days. fire.

earth wizard /// cave man

brad fucking kills shit no matter what he rides. i love that about this guy. some caveman long board shit. so sick.

quick clip // jakob santos elbow slam

if you ever felt like you needed proof that santos goes hard as fuck... this shit is massive///and on 700's.

SHMOB saTTurdays: Mel's new Air Wolf

#SHMOB regular Mel King just got himself a new All~City Airwolf [[size small with the Dropout fork]]. Watch out for Mel, he's killing it on this bike.

skate shiTT

throwaway style // good shit.

quick clip // rally

one liner// way sick. rally's style is looking dialed these days.

mean grip bike shop

"mellow vibes" /// is that jack johnson on the soundtrack?

saturday morning feature /// rooTTs

sit back and chill out with some bmx shit/// shake off last night.