quick clip // køÑFøµR

you already know/// i love quick clips. lots of em today. check out the køÑFøµR blog for more madness. never seen them before, but theres some entertaining shit in the mix.

nick ramirez believes

nick... i am your father.

quick clip /// nick agnew

nicks been stacking footage lately, he just posted this shit up on my fb wall/// psyched on it. killer quick clip for sure. couldve saved this one for an edit, but here it is. solid man. cant wait to see a full edit.

22 stair eat shiTT



Florent Soulas - Foundation 2012 from adrien delaforcade on Vimeo.
Florent Soulas - Foundation 2012 Here a really fucking good mix of street riding and flatland bmx. there are way to many sicking tricks in this just to call out one good thing.

quick clips /// FOAD

FOAD keeps the entertainment coming with a couple quick clips. haha the second one is trickier than the first. im becoming a bigger foad fan everytime something new drops.

skate shiTT

now thats a fucking halloween party haha. so sick. some killer costumes and good skate clips in the mix too.


if you havent already sesen this group on facebook, join the shit. i think this is one of the best concepts for a fb group ive seen. stay posted, keep watch, post your shit up, get involved with this shit and maybe we'll start recovering more bikes. bike theft seems like its been out of control lately, dumb little cunts think they can just take shit, this is our way to stop em. CLICK HERE, join the fuckin group.

bike check /// justin rojas stylin

i caught a photo of this thing on facebook /// such a clean build, and you dont see these stylin frames every day, so i hit up justin for a bike check. legit build for sure/// here's the rundown;

frame:Durcus 1 stylin' size 43 {not 26 specific}
Front rim: mtx33
rear rim: mtx33
Front hub: unknown
rear hub: unknown w/ slotted 14 axle
stem: unknown
bar: congoloids w/odi long neck grips
cranks: resist relapse cranks 160
sprocket: unknown 33t
cog & lockring : 16t cog w/ allcity lockring
chain: shadow conspiracy interlock chain v2
seat: demolition D-fat
seat post: resist icon pivotal
pedals: demolition PC pedals w/ y-not straps
headset:shadow conspiracy corvus
BB: shadow conspiracy corvus {spanish}


this shit made the rounds yesterday /// if you didnt catch it, dont miss it. fucking killer bmx flick.

big wheel bmx

almost short enough to be a quick clip /// just some throwaway fuck around shit.

n00b$ /// alec and lorenz

noobs comin out of the woodwork non stop these days.