head to WOLFDRAWN for a dose of spot porn /// he just upped a shitload of spot pics from his texas trip. so many super sick ones. if you dont love looking at killer spots, get your head checked, click through if you know whats good. 

the hisTTory channel // george and congo

two in a row today, but, fuck it /// i saw this after i posted the last one and could leave it out. right here is some killer shit from congo and george, from waaaay back. i remember seeing congo at like critical mass doing wheelie bars back in these days, and this george character who we dont see much from anymore used to ride like a fucking animal. sick edit with some beach boys soundtrack. check the fuckin seatposts haha. so OG.

the hisTTory channel // quick clip

way back before the dawn of pegs haha... when people still did tricks on "track" bikes, pedal grinds were so legit, even if your wheel kinda dragged. i wonder if this guy still rides.

off TTopic

here's some weird shit to think about during your day :]

kant 2012

kant is on some back to the future shit with this one. haha. fire skid is sick.

in case you live under a rock and you didnt see this shit yet // thats the man himself adam grandmaison aka adam22, mastermind behind THECOMEUP introducing their new shit. sick to see him showin support for the younger riders out there, sick to see him reppin that TT shirt. click through and check it>>> THEOVEN.THECOMEUPBMX.NET

skate shiTT

caught this one on SKATEDAILY /// looks like theres a series on youtube called CLASSICCLIPS. omar kills it// its sick to see some flashback shit from him. cruise over and check out the rest of em, some good ones in there.


nothing new here, but im definitely a fan of david grant riding/a fan of long beach shred. that intro slam is epic.

bike check // nick surachaet's yhc 26"

heres a frame i cant say ive seen before// lots of "big bike" parts on this build. the crossover apocalypse is coming haha. crazy colorway.

n00bs // angel marcias

angel's been putting out flicks for a little while now and his riding is coming along. sounds like he's coming up on some sponsors these days.