off TTopic

some nighttime gore /// sweet dreams fuckers.

jball /// iFall

thats a solid slam right there.

michael stanis /// one day

stanis and guntetong put this one day flick together. pretty solid shit for a one day. you know i love that based soundtrack shit.

407 ronnie // eat shiTT gif

i fuckin love gifs /// get psyched to see the shirts out there in the wild. cody t sent this through, sick to see the posse over at 407FIXED still holding shit down. 


BALHOGS are bringing some wax to the table/// sounds like they put in work testing out their formula and got something dialed. i dig the packaging, looks like some home made soap or some shit. haha. came out sick. this is an inexpensive way to show support for some "homies" in the fgfs circle workin on a grass roots startup. GET IT HERE.

OC the most hipsTTer place in America?

OCweekly has come up sith some carzy statistics that OC is the most hipster place in america.. might be true. So lets crack open so PBR and do some leg over skips.


Welcome to the Team / Erik Elstran from Sunday Bikes on Vimeo.

This is Erik Elstran welcome to Sunday edit. theres tons of really sick tech trick going on in this.


holy fuck /// there isnt a single clip in this flick than isnt a hammer. jd came through hard as fuck on this solo edit. he's one of those riders thats been "flying under the rader" but with some shit like this you cant deny his presence. if you only watch one, this shit is is. fucker is fearless, rides fast, goes HUGE, and has sooo many killer spots in here... mix that shit up. roof drops, rail hops, fast grinds, fucking killing it///to death. so psyched to see him reppin that TT hard.

nick and gabe /// one spotter

nick and gabe been stacking clips non stop lately and their style shows some serious fucking progress /// sounds like nick is getting his shit together for a solo edit, so keep watch. some mellow shred at a bump/parking lot spot.


some killer bmx shit. im digging that hideout logo. killer riding in it.

big wheel bmx

holy shit this is sick /// going HUGE on a rigid big bike. cant fucking wait for this edit to drop.

bike check /// gus molina's se

head over and check out the VVIKED-8Y8LURK bike over at PROLLYS JOINT.  you already know prolly does bike checks right, and gus's whip looks sick as fuck all haloween'd out. check that head tube TT placement, so fucking sick.