bike check // dan locke's goat

these goat frames build up sick. nice mighty ducks jersey man haha. check it. CATACOMB BIKES


not sure whats going on here/// but theres lots of bone deth carnage in the mix. some clips youve seen some you havent.

skate shiTT

raw footage style no music. killer spots, skate variety and shit.


sights and sounds

humon moeen // day edit

humon, calin, and tyler got out for some grom shred. they keep getting better, some pretty solid tricks for 14 year olds, thats for damn sure.

sunday morning feature /// skate shiTT

heres some john cardiel shit. dude is a skate legend. its some interview audio put to tons of skate footage from over the years. theres also a set of some reggae tunes put on by cardiel in the mix. check it.