quick clip // gabe winawer

he keeps em coming these days. style and bike control is getting way fucking dialed. psyched to see gabe coming up. when he drops a solo edit,  theres probably gunna be some serious shit in the mix.

the hisTTory channel // gorilla playing with fire

this one probably "pre-dates" a lot of you young riders out there. the "gorilla era" was fucking sick.  wonka was going hard as fuck, and there was a shitload of killer edits from him at the time. this is one of em, definitely worth the watch if you havent seen it yet.

epiffny brain wax

here's something everyone can get with/// wax... shaped like fuckin brains. this shits officially up on their web store, looks sick, paints curbs colors (so you can write fuck, or draw dicks on your favorite ledge haha). the shits priced real fair, so click through, pick some up and try it out ---->EPIFFNY STORE.

prolly /// lbc in atx

if you didnt follow the lbc in atx trip on PROLLY/// you fuckin stupid son. haha. this shit was sick, prolly always delivers epic photo coverage. theres some real fuckin gems in the mix, so if you havent been through the FLICKR sets yet, i suggest you click through and get your head right. shit was epic, real psyched to see corey's out of the hospital and doing good, cant wait for some web flick action from this trip. these dudes kill it every time.

bike check // vincents volume vandal

caught this one on TRICTRACK, super clean VANDAL build on white walls w/ some SKYLMT bars. always psyched to see a good looking build.


celebrate 24 years of VVIKED destruction /// 24 years of gus molina. this guy has made a massive contribution to fixed freestyle over the years, and kills it to this day. he's a fun loving fucker thats always good to be around. your contribution to TTv has not only filled in the gaps, but your support is going to push this shit forward.  happy birthday, you old as fuck now. haha.


24/SE7EN video mag 6 /// andy

this ones pretty sick, kinda long, but theres a shitload of good clips in the mix. stacking 5 minutes of footage is no joke, and this ones packed.


get your triangle fill for the day.


caught this one on fb via andrew voegeli /// shits pretty sick. with a title like "escaping the cocaine falling from the sky" i couldnt resist clicking on it. all indoor skateparks (hence escaping the snow//get it?). so much creative bike shred in the mix.

skate shiTT

"celebrate" gritty grass roots skate shit. no music, raw style.


you already know, AJ Austin kills it on 700's and has been holding down fixed bikes since the early days... but did you know he's a fucking high school teacher. haha. talk about well rounded. head over and read the interview at FOLLY for his much deserved moment in the spotlight. 
i thought id also take this opportunity to post up his flick again, which ive already watched multiple times, but its worth as many re-watches as you got time for.

n00bs // slyfix/mathematic

more n00b shit from the other side of the earth. i love seeing this shit grow, theres flicks from new riders every day these days. looks like they got a pretty decent group to ride with where ever this is.