new shit from tom mosher caught me way off guard. so killer. respect those who blazed a trail for fixed freestyle way back. toms one of the grandaddys of this "fixie" freestyle shit, but theres way more than just him in this flick. tons of toronto coverage. shitloads of sick clips. sounds like he's gunna keep this one coming regularly. sick. YNOT keeps doin it.


tommy mao has been going hard for a while now. this edit shows some serious progression, got three's dialed like nothin, hoppin up to some taller shit, feeble 3 at 0:43... so sick to see these young guys killing it.

quick clip // gabe winawer

this shits sick /// caught it on facebook earlier, now its up on vimeo. gabe is workin on some serious shit these days. trucks a couple weeks ago and back wheelies today, this fucker is pushing into 2012 with some fire underneath him. so psyched on it/// get em gabe.


HOLY FUCK /// enough has been said about this already, here it is... corey you a fucking savage for still being psyched on bikes after a slam like this and days in the hospital. one of the heaviest slams i think anyone's seen on a fixed bike. thanks to matt / WOLFDRAWN.COM for the brutal coverage.---> click through and read the story behind it.

shred introduces david pili

looks like switzerland has some spots, david pili has some tricks, and SHRED drops some killer flicks. good shti all around. feeling that feeble footplant at 1:58/// shit was so stylish. this is davids first solo flick, psyched to see more from this guy.

packy golan throwaway

packy's "throwaway" looks more like a short edit to me. these arent throwaway clips haha. he's been killing shit lately, and rumor has it he was out in long beach recently/// i suspect some hammers came out of that. psyched to see what he drops next.

jonah kessel died

he blew up. this is the second "tragedy" in the past seven days, lol.

night light mini

more sick shit from GNARLOS RODRIGUEZ this guy is pretty new to the web flick game, but he's been dropping some pretty killer flicks lately. creative spots in the mix here and a tutorial on how not to shit in the bushes at the end LOL.

winter shred

this shit looks fun as fuck // snow skates/snurfing on some next level shit.


this flick is getting passed around like a high school slut /// so i thought id post it up. some fire in here.


this shit is so fucking sick /// i know its already up on WOLFDRAWNS MUSIC MONDAYS, but i couldnt resist a re-post. epic visual head fuck and some killer tunes. WD knows whats good, if you dont read music mondays... you fuckin up.


im guessing most of you have already seen this shit /// but if you havent go check it out. FIXEDFREESTYLE.NET is a new source for "fgfs news", its a place where you dont have to look at track bikes, road shit, or "the like" haha // cuz we all know that shit just gets in the way (the same reason i created TTv to begin with). the site is 110% rider driven and authored, click through and check it out.they lurk out some pretty killer shit, and fill in a lot of gaps in fgfs photo coverage.

big wheel bmx // bike check

i always knew this would happen eventually/// its sick to see. the crossover went the other way with this one. its a dj built up with a PHOENIX fork /// the line between fixed bikes and dirt jumpers is just getting blurrier. head over to PHOENIX for the full bike check and more detailed photos. sick build for sure.

MoN // pepe parkour

thats two in 24 hours from MoN /// he's trying to one up phil williams or some shit haha.

earth wizard // ~@lurkin

in case you didnt know // ~@brad aka earth wizard haha, kills it on a skateboard. so sick to see some skate shred from this guy. i think i say it every time, but this guy should have a tv show or some shit.

slyfix // long vacation

sick to see younger guys half way across the world doin the same shit we do over here. jakarta  seems like it has a pretty strong fixed freestyle "scene" growing. this ones kinda long tho, so you better be ready to sit back and watch a flick.