this ones fucking sick. the roof gap session at the end is killer, and the black and white styles with the music makes for a some good shit. definitely worth the watch. keep at the webflicks MoN ///


so psyched this guy still rides fixed bikes. he's been in it for a long time and has a signature style and one of a kind bike handling. this is how its done on 700's/// like a fuckin boss. so smoothe, classic 700 riding on some next level shit. obvious stacked footage/time taken to put together a solid edit. we dont see flicks from aj all the time, but when they drop, its gold. must see TTv. so fucking sick.

ryd X all city

cole ruffing headed out to costa mesa to ride with alec and jball. its sick to see people getting together to ride. both of these guys go hard and have deep bags of tricks so you already know theres some good shit in the mix. real good spot variety in the mix.

monday sucks /// eat shiTT

work fucking sucks today// eat shit. so many sick long beach spots in the mix.

humon moeen /// fancy shit

heres a mellow flick put together quick. heres what humon had to say;
"just a quick edit made in two days, nothing special.
but it is pretty damn fancy.
calin hernandez
tyler nakamoto
ryan hernandez
bryson galindo
*tyler didnt switch to 26, he just used that bike for the 360s*"

fgfs downtown san jose

some chill out in the park with steven jensen type shit. looks pretty sick. its definitely a different perspective than the typical jensen edit. sick to see.

the hisTTory channel // gnarcotix

these gnarcotix flicks were so sick back in the day. according to vimeo this ones 3 years old, trickin on track bikes. we havent seen much from this squad in a while, but it seems like some of em are still around. either way, this shit was classic.

quick clip /// malta one

one trick from malta

winter shred

some high quality winter shred. the last minute or so has some killer spots.

skate shiTT

you gotta love some high speed sf downhill skate shit. omar kills the skate fast type shit.

big wheel bmx

this ones not new, but theres some solid clips in here.

Charlie Gets Down Too

Everyday I'm Shufflin