soundtrack // 2011 leftovers

im psyched on these leftover clip flicks that keep dropping lately. you know SOUNDTRACK stays stackin that shit all year long, some killer clips in here.


ocean gang /// we in this muhfucka. haha. this shits siiiick. via zombelle//sheknowwhasgood.

stolen camera at houghton

houghton is definitely one of those spots where shit could get stole fast. keep watch, but according to this story, dude had it ripped right out of his hands. heavy shit. keep an eye out//hit em up on facebook if you got any extra details or shit like that.

skate shiTT

i been way psyched on ny skate shit lately.

rooTTs /// skate shiTT

this is sick. two known shredders from skateboarding and bmx teamed up for a split part. so sick. i think there should be more of this to come in the future. too killer.

dawson and tommy's highlites

fuck that last slam was pretty intense. quick clip style.

quick clip // vance fakie wheelie

looks like vance is workin on those backwards wheel riders. so sick, more people need to get these dialed.

"another one"

some pretty kiler themed style in this one. og track bike trickin in the mix too.

epiffny brainz waxed

EPIFFNY just dropped these brain wax joints. pick one up. i dig how they paint the curb or ledge whatever color. shits sick. multi color one looks like some zombie brain shit.


Just want to thank you // THIETH for giving me the opportunity to brain wash you guys!
I wanted to start off by showing you some ladys supporting TTV.