rooTTs /// GIF

el toro tailwhip gif // forget where i snagged this, but its sick.


the huya-man himself, CONGOLOID will be joining the TTv "elders" in an attempt to further indoctrinate the masses. so fucking psyched on this, i've been a long time fan of his riding, long time friend of mine, and until recently he didnt have means of posting shit up. now that he does, there isnt anyone id be more psyched to get in the mix. the details as to when//what he'll be posting are still in the works, but "he out here now" so keep watch for scenes of his demented brain wash.

heal up corey

i thought id post up some heal up corey shit // since he's stuck up in a hospital. from the looks of it on fb and huyagram, he's still psyched on bikes, thats good news. these flicks go to show that he's been killing it for a loooong fucking time and he's no stranger to taking a slam. he gets out to ride with everyone, and stacks up super sick clips. heal up man.

skate shiTT // new reynolds footage

if you follow skate flicks close, you probably caught this one a couple days ago. im not tryin to pass on some new reynolds footage tho, so here it is. lots of sick clips in here // you already know.

cole ruffing // bails

cole just upped this flick of his bail footage. there some slams in the mix for sure; funny ones, painful ones, big ones, small ones. dont watch this if you about to get out and ride hahaha. coles been keeping em coming lately. killer to see people keeping the entertainment coming.

saTTurday morning skate shiTT

some saturday morning feature type shit. i havent watched the whole thing, but i skipped through, and it looks like some good grass shred. the intro is epic. this is how ill be shaking my hangover hahaha.

daegu fgfs

this ones pretty clean from way over seas.

bulltrain winter 1

heres one i missed from a few weeks ago. #blowingit


looks like THESECRETBMX (gus's local shop) guys were inspired by the 1/2 assed series and came back with their own version.  gus is an inspirational d00d /// thats why we psyched to have him in the mix on wednesdays. theres some killer creative mini shred in the mix here too, "peep game"

ninja cats T's soon

siiiick // i cant wait for these to drop. shirts look sick as fuck. stay tuned to NINJACATS for the details.

n00bs // fixed markoss

some front yard shred/// that sidewalk bump/gap is pretty sick for front yard chillin.


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