jake lanich

heres a new one from jake lanich/// but the shit cuts out around 0:22 on my computer for some reason. maybe itll play for you

bike check // froots charmer 700

FROOTS posted up this charmer bike check /// i always dig these charmer 700 frames. they build up so clean on 26 or 700. killer build for sure.

quentin new bike

heres some shit i missed from a few months ago. clean filming, killer colors, that build looks sick. getting some tricks dialed, but d00d has a good style for sure.


this shit is so sick FOAD steps their game up every time we see a flick from em. the slc punk theme is epic. tons of killer riding in the mix. i love how almost every time a trick goes down you hear laughing like the shit was a close call hhahaha. too good. these fuckers have more energy than your hyperactive 8 year old cousin. must see TTv. "excuse my french but im in france" bahahahaha


posted this once before/// but i had to bring it back for some FRIDAYTTH13TTH horror vibes. sean burns/bonedeth know whats good.

skate shiTT

too good not to post up on some FRIDAYTTH13TTH skate shit. creature knows how to bring the horror to the mix. coffins, masks, evil all around.

bad luck

spike parts hub guard

SPIKE makes some quality shit. hub guard and hub combo looks real good.

friday the 13th

definitely one of my favorite horror flicks//definitely one of my favorite days.

n00bs // ankle kill // quick clip

not quite sure what happpened here /// but i dig quick clips. looks like he's in some pain after that 180.

n00bs // "little line" // quick clip

lol at the description on youtube haha "you know whats good". no indian givers in this one so stephen knows whats good.