quick clip // how to wheelie

i got a good laugh out of this one. fucking classic. hahaha.

tutorial /// how to 180 bar

here's a next level trick that a lot of you are trying to pick up these days. humon moeen put together a quick 180 bar tutorial for you. i dig trick tips and i think this kind of shit helps push everyone along and learn faster. thanks humon for posting this up.

omar sebai // january clips

omar has been hammering out the web flicks lately. psyched to see this posse getting it in already in 2012, lots of recent flicks from them. 1:38 hurts to watch. check it.


im always a fan of stranger flicks// and i dont listen to much ramones, but i dig this song.


 sicko shit for your eyes and ears. theres some pretty epic clips in the mix. most noteworthy is the TT cult logo in the first few seconds /// so fucking sick. check out ▲NDRΛS for more.


 looks like corey took a pretty serious beat down while out in austin. i dont know the details, but i just tuned in to instagram and facebook to find some shots of him layed out. heal up man. insta-photo cred to PROLLY and WOLFDRAWN

chris delias wide world of sports // 2011 lost footage

been a while since we seen something from chris. sick to see something even if its old or "lost" footage. he got huge hops.

a day of derek

quick local fixed shred. long beach keeps doin it.

weekend edit // drewfixed

im feeling that white rim white tire/wheel setup in this one. some pretty good clips in the mix for sure.

skate shiTT

had to post this one up cuz marwin the "wizard" is in it. caught it on his fb, and i always dig posting up local shit.

eat shiTT // toTTal repost

someone just posted this up on facebook and ive already posted it twice in the past, but its worth watching way more than twice. one of the heaviest slams i think ive seen. here's the original below which was posted previously.