ninjacats 2011

NINJACATS definitely makes my list of favorite flicks to watch. they stacked clips of the whole squad in this one. so much creativity, madness, and "inspirational" shit in here. sounds like they stacking for solo edits from everyone in 2012, cant fucking wait. this is definitely on some must see TTv. 3:57 holy shit. these guys are fuckin "characters" // always entertaining.

marco fukuoka

heres one i missed from a couple days ago // marco in fukuoka. some street cruising, mini shred, and classic marco style. that red frame and bars is looking sick. FISH N CHIPS stays in the mix since way back, keep watch over at their blog for some good shit.

kenny arimoto vs 30 stair hand rail

i been a fan of kenny's riding since waaaay back. sick to see this guy killing it. didnt post this up the first time around due to locked content, but i guess its postable now. i cant keep up with it these days haha. either way, kenny fucking kills it. this is probably the biggest rail we've seen on a fixed bike. his bike is looking sick as fuck these days too// trans purple DESTROY with matching bars. killing it all around. via MASHAFIX.

tutorial // how to 180

180 trick tip from dan locke /// im a fan of anything that gets n00bs rolling and learning tricks quicker. if you dont have em dialed, give it a look.

quick clip // tarck

quick clip // tarck style


some quick vviked vvednesa wTTf for the lolz.


while in jacksonville a couple days ago, i hit up BURRO bags for a tour. thanks to J.O.B. for showing me around. their spot is sick, prime downtown location BURRO BAR right around the corner, good shit all around. these guys have been doing it for years now, holding down fixed bikes, american sourced materials, vegan friendly products, literally hand made in the USA.

if you havent already seen these pictures/// you arent following THIETH on instagram.

cody t's nempro sluggo

cody hit me up with these photos of the new NEMPRO SLUGGO frame/// i been wanting to see one of these built up since brad instagrammed some sneak peaks. shit looks so fuckin sick. the build came out clean as fuck. here's what cody had to say;
"One of the coolest things about this bike is the KHE Affix BB. Its some NASA grade polymer stuff with no moving parts. It gives a little more resistance and is supposed to never wear out.
Threw this bad boy on the scale a few nights ago and it weighed out to 25lbs with no weight wiener parts."
so psyched on it// cant wait to hear more about how that bottom bracket holds up too. here's the build spec;

Frame: Nemesis Project Sluggotherm
Fork: Allcity Dropout
Handlebars: Nemesis Project Yoweezy
Grips: Subrosa
Stem: Subrosa Hold on
Seat: Shadow Conspiracy
Seat Post: Subrosa Layback
Crankset: Subrosa Bitchin
Chainwheel: S&M L7 30t
BB: KHE Affix Bushings
Pedals: NS Aerial
Wheels: Reaper hubs to MTX33s
Cog: 12t MKE Blue Collar
Tires: WTB Graffiti SF 26x2.2 

dews sadio booster frame test

HOLY FUCK. dew is on some next level shit in this one. going fucking huge. SADIO has been making some noise in the fixed world lately but this flick is insane. the ender will fuck your head up. FUCKINGKILLINGIT.


good tunes // killer riding style.

skate shiTT

in gus's absence i still gotta keep it vviked /// some metal mixed with some grass roots skate shit.


probably not my first choice "tunes-wise" but you gotta love some chicks that get VVIKED VVIDDIT haha.


SHMOB's back in it these days with some flashback to that classic style you expect from em. sick flick for sure. shane is looking real good on that new bike. lots of sick clips in here but shanes nolli3 at 1:55 is fucking sick. garret done this edit real good. peep game// SHMOB TTreal4lyf. you.. know.. whats.. good... haha.

\/\/VV /// adverTTisement

dont do drugs on some GI JOE shit.

off TTopic // \/\/\/\/

its vvikedvvednesday /// get a prison tat. shits pretty killer and this guy kills it with that ghetto gun.


GUS IS FUCKING DEAD // he blew up.

n00bs // devin raqueno

got this one sent through // devin put together some lines on that "sponsor me" shit. imo consistency, variety, presence is whats gunna get you sponsored, so keep the flicks coming, stack footage, he got a bag of tricks to work with, time to put em to work and stay at it.