cole ruffing // scrap footage

some sick shit in here. even some FF in the mix. so much footage, shitload of killer riders, 2:10 roof drop, and 2:30 is so sick: groms fucking going for it. watch this shit.

kvlt klips 9

9 times of the best shit we seen in fixed flicks. count on kvlt klips to entertain and deliver some of the best riding in the game. based soundtrack you already know whats good. dont fuck up and miss this shit/// intros are the best out there haha. fixie factory "gets it in" every time. WOLFDRAWN edits are pure entertainment.

j ruff // welcome to csk

this is how its done. obvious signs of stacked footage // sick spot collection // killer tunes // progression // ruff showcases the whole nine fuckin yards in this one. real psyched on this. must see TTv.


if you didnt alreay know // jball films a fuckload. 5 minutes of "scrap" footage is no joke.

royal hc // sunday sesh

more broken parts than a tarck trick comp in this one. haha the crank arm break is poppin off these days. looks like theres a new park in lbc and these guys busted in and took over. #youknowwhatsgood. so sick. ROYALHC with frontlines coverage.


if you only watch one bmx flick today/// this is it. probably the sickest shit in the mix right now. if you dont say holy shit at least 4 times while watching this, you fuckin up. DONT EVEN BLINK haha. this ones fire. BUY ONE // FUCKING KILLING IT.

big wheel bmx

team berserk always delivers on that big bike shit. some indoor to beat the weather in this one. worth watching even if just for the ender// fuckin fire.

eyeTTunes //

new shit from MSV /// had to. she's on drugs.

filipe motta // starting the year off right

area cycles has brought us some killer shredders. i see potential here. not to mention the tunes in this one are pretty sick. THIETH loves a quickie.

skate shiTT

some skate shit from cliche// ultra smoothe style. pretty generic flick tho.

sfg new years

good shit happy new year just a few days late.