here i am // joseph wilson

christian sent this one though// joseph has been riding with christian since back in the day, sick to see BBG keepin the dream alive. he's got a killer creative take on spots and riding// hard to believe we've seen so little footage from him. lots of highlights in the mix // indoor shred / 0:42 / that edit transition at 0:54 was some eyball magic haha // 1:19 footjam skid out // so much good shit. here's what hamrick had to say;
My good friend Joseph has been riding with me since day one and weve been on this mission to push BBG but haven't got around to editing him a weby so here it is! JOSEPH WILSON'S first edit.


sick quick one from SHRED // double fail hahaha always something good comin out of this squad. this spot looks so fucking sick, and laurent goes pedaling hard into that shit. boosting it.

gabe winawer in the oc

jball put this one together for gabe /// came out real good. gabes been one of those riders i been watching through his whole come up. its sick to see a solo edit // psyched to see him reppin that TT shirt in the mix too. watch the fuck out for gabe, he's been at it for a while and stays with it. lots of good shit in here, casual style, some tech shit, cab 5's getting dialed, 0:18 was so sick. kill it gabe.

skate shiTT

some "punk rock" grass roots skate shit. might not be the craziest skate flick we've seen, but definitely some solid skating and a defined style.

k-t-r // untitled #7

fixed/big bike/bmx in the mix.


a little outside the typical rooTTs shit i post, but there some insane shit in here. footplant flair like wtf.

brandon tomita // bike check/quick fix

brandon just upped this bike check. digging that "goblin green" such a sick color. some good footage in the mix too. psyched to see these guys holding it down for long beach.

vance tetreault /// more throwaway

more throwaway from vance and posse. these guys stay on a film it mission.

sputum // 2012 first film

sputum resolution // get higher than ever in 2012 haha