shmob shane just texted this shit at me /// looks like he took the TT reppin to the next level. this is a fucking first, tattoo is some next level dedication. so fucking sick.

SHMOB//parkZ & \/\/reck

the homies over at SHMOB put together some raw style shit for this one. some killer clips in the mix. soo good to see SHMOB still doin their thing. #YOUKNOWWHATSGOOD watch this shit. that wheelie up and around at 0:12 is sick//johnny is killing parks right now.

sfg//ynot korea #0006

these flicks are sick and they keep em coming. gwangs been putting down killer edits for a looong time now. check that new shit. YNOT

max and mike fall/winter

max sent this one through. looks like him and mike have been stacking footage. always psyched to see the younger guys comin up getting style dialed. theres some good lines in the mix here. they reppin that TTv, shit gets me psyched.

1/6 kagawa

big bikes / fixed bikes / bmx in the mix. so sick to see people mix it up and ride together.


alex rodriguez sent this one through. some real good shit in the mix.

jay manalo teaser

jays putting it down for FUESH /// local grass roots shit.

skate shiTT

metal and ditch spots. some good shit in here. bloodwizard shit doesnt get the kind of views i think it should/// check it.

twixtor // jimz 180

someone hit me up the other day askin how to get down with some slo motion footage. twixtor does the trick// here's a quick one featuring some twix shit. check it out if you tryin to bring some new shit into your edits.


TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv
TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv
TT 02.15.11_2, TT THIETH TTH13TTH TTv