a night at the cove

omar sebai just upped this one/// one night skatepark flick. digging that feeble train in there haha. seems like packy's style gets refined every time we see a new flick. lots of good shit in here. omar's getting some new tricks dialed and keeping the web flicks coming non stop.

fixed jam 2012

some real solid flatground in here. back to back quick trick tech. the backwards wheelies are fucking dialed too. some real good shit here.


they fixed the ad// watch this shit. also, dont forget to hit WWW.PISSEDEAD.COM.

skate shiTT

nothing new// but if you havent seen an omar part, you fuckin up. speed skating at its finest.

run boy // n00bs

that ender is some funny shit. always sick when you can see the progression, derek is staying at it.

rooTTs /// photo shootz

keeping the comedy coming with some bmx fuck around.

good times with macaframa

some funny shit from MACAFRAMA // hotel hallway tarck shred. too good.