devon lawson // mayfair minute

damn devon has one of the smoothest styles in it these days. this shit sick. one minute flicks are a perfect length imo. devon has this park so dialed and lays down a bunch of super sick lines in here. sj is blowing up right now//that ender is fire. fucking killing it.

pepy todesky /// train ride

i dont usually post pics/// but this ones way too sick haha. "People on the tram are so afraid." -pepy  LOL

alfonso garcia /// stay tuned

fuuuuuck. thats some shit right there. "big ups" to the RYD camp for always going hard in the paint. cant wait to see the edit // stay tuned.

skate shiTT

oscar posted this one up yesterday on facebook. super sick creative skateboarding.

pitbull dice

missed this one a couple days ago/// this guy can fuckin boost out of quarters. he keeps the 700 vibes strong on that PITBULL frame. i thought that bike went extinct like the GORILLA it imitated. either way, sick flick, psyched to see more from this guy.

bike check // congo's seawhip

congo's bike changes colors more often than goTThross changes his fucking underwear. haha. this ones so sick, some under the sea type shit. for the record, he isnt trying to be on some #seapunk type shit, congo stays on a mission of ultraviolence// so dont get it twisted. and pissy was saying some shit about congo should paint his wheels// fuck that noise haha, i dig the green wheels on this thing. check that custom TT//shirt junt in the pic too. so fucking fresh, home made by the ultra-violent mad man himself. i want one. respect the bosses in this bitch, congo kills the bike build game.

big wheel bmx

its not every day you come up on some legit big bike footage like this. fucking solid. rigid fork, goin pretty big at the end, lots of spots, epic.


heres one i missed from a couple months ago. theres so many comps these days, shits hard to keep track of.

kenny arimoto stole the chrome truck

hahaha. kenny and jahrome are funny fuckers /// but the sales no joke. head to citygrounds and mention mashafix to score a deal.

rooTTs // banned new year

its been too long since i posted up some banned shit. this ones their latest and the first 30 seconds should remind you why these flicks are the fuckin best. the ender is super sick too. "peep game"

2011-2012 nagoya japan

solid flick, 0:42 is probably one of the longest "twirls" ive seen haha. some good shit in here tho, looks like one of these guys built up a fixed dj frame. 2:26 /// reeeaaaal small guy in the mix, so fucking sick.

dave noakes

some new shit from dave noakes. pretty killer parks in the mix. check that pink esb// crazy build man. via BIKESARESHIT

382 episode 1

the slam reel // black and white flicks always look good.